3 ideas to improve your team meetings. But first, did you know that your DNA is only 4% different to Chimpanzee DNA? Scientists studying the human genome have recently concluded that 96% of our genome is similar to that of the Chimp.

olly orangutang

Are you wondering what that’s got to do with your aim to improve your team meetings? OK, I’m not suggesting you have a team of Chimpanzees, but if your team meetings resemble a Chimpanzee’s Tea Party, your Business Coach says its time to improve your team meetings!

Scientists don’t know what some of these DNA sequences do, some have described them as “junk DNA.” Apparently “junk” DNA performs an important role and some of the sequence patterns have been named “pyknons.” These “pyknons” may be important in protein production. More of this in a minute.

Productive team meetings

Good team meetings can:

  • discuss important strategic issues, like where the firm is going and how it’s doing (you do that don’t you?)
  • save time on operational issues. Telling your team about how to do something is easier than telling 5 separate people.
  • strengthen the team, adding long term value to the company.

A structured agenda adds value to the meeting (click 6 team meeting ideas for better team meetings)

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Irrelevant discussion and DNA

Maybe that “irrelevant fluff” that seems to happen in meetings is like the junk DNA! Like the “pyknons” some of that irrelevant chatter, “fluff and junk” that gets discussed is also important (if only to your team – AND THEREFORE YOU). Just make sure that this poorly understood team bonding chatter is a small part of the meeting, not the purpose.

Many years of Team management and Business Coaching have led me to often arrange sections of meetings where I’m not there, so they can talk about things openly between themselves.

3 ideas to improve your team meetings

Regular team meetings are important, but:

  1. They must start and finish on time – that’s your job. Starting late because you’re busy shows total disrespect for the team (so does cancelling at the last minute) – however good an excuse you give.
  2. You should have more meetings than you expect. But much shorter and focused ones, mixed with longer and more open ones. A 5 minute huddle every day can be very powerful, with a 10 minute meeting weekly. For more click team meeting management, which expands on this  idea.
  3. Always discuss your key performance indicators. You should all be interested in them, but present them in an interesting way (read more about KPIs, if you think they’re boring irrelevant sets of numbers that nobody likes).

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Chimp versus Human DNA

  • The amount of chimp DNA is 12% larger than it is in humans
  • In many areas of the DNA sequence, major “rearrangements” seem apparent. These account for perhaps 4–10% dissimilarity between chimps and humans.
  • Chimps have 23 chromosomes and humans have only 22 (excluding sex chromosomes for both species).

So, the physical and mental differences between humans and chimps are most likely due to the differences in purpose and function of the “junk DNA”. Perhaps your team need to talk more fluff than you!

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What’s your experience, how do your team meetings go?  Share your good tips about meeting management…

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