Your task list grows longer…you work longer and yet you seem no closer to achieving the results you wanted?

Do you ever feel like you’re part of a team pulling a sledge across the arctic, pulling but never seeing anything but more snow in front – while you get shouted at to work faster? I bet that’s not what you signed up for when you started your own practice!

Work Smarter, not harder

I bet you want to throw something at all the well meaning friends and colleagues that say well meaning phrases like “work smarter, not harder” and “it’ll all work out in the end”.

6 tips for getting your life back.

  1. Recapture the clear vision of where you want to go: Did you start off with an idea of what you wanted to achieve? When did you last look at it, I bet it was ages ago. Look again, remind yourself of the reasons why you’re doing this and what “this” really is. Click here to understand the vision that will make the difference.
  2. Stepping stones: What are the main steps (maybe you’d call them projects, chunks, goals) that you need to cover on the way to your vision. Adjust the date for each one so they’re not overlapping and focus on one at a time. Click Stepping stones to read about the steps to your success.
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  1. Your day: Get a clear idea of the types of things you’re doing in a month and think about whether they are developing your future, paying your bills, or supporting everything. Think about the time you’re spending in each category, can you rebalance it? Click here to find out how you dont have to be run ragged to get be successful
  2. Your month: Spend an hour at the beginning of each month and look at the things you need to achieve in that month. Don’t add anything to it (unless it’s an unexpected mission critical item), now focus on delivering those – not the new “priorities” you find yourself slipping into as the month progresses.
  3. Social Media: Get an alarm clock, choose your time-slot and when the alarm rings – GET OFF of social media, or it will drain your time, sap your energy and empty your wallet. Have a regular routine, do it and don’t spend longer than you planned on it.
  4. Family time: Decide what time you will leave for home, stick with it. The things that aren’t getting done – are they really critical? If so, do them earlier in the day and do the less important ones later! Did you read “your family missed you, would your business” – just click to read it now.

What would you add as a number seven tip?

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Written by Jon Baker The 5-50 Coach. I help professionals grow their firms from 5 to 50 employees, sustainably, profitably and still have fun. Have you got your "next step kitbag yet"? It's stuffed with guides, reports & templates helping you grow from 5 to 50 employees Click here for immediate access