What’s it like to be coached is a question we often get asked. There’s no easy answer though. The end result is very positive, sometimes in the process you might experience some discomfort. In fact, if there’s no discomfort perhaps something isn’t right!

What’s it like to be coached?

The results of coaching

You change the way you act, interact and what you do. That leads to performance improvements like tripling the GRF of your firm, doubling the bottom line, or transforming your form from being compliance led, to advisory led.

The results of coaching will depend on what you needed, but ultimately should make your firm more profitable, or easier to run (less stress, staff turnover etc).

Why is coaching uncomfortable?

Think back to any time in your life when you overcame a big challenge. That might be a mental challenge, or a physical one (one personal example is learning to teach scuba diving).

I felt really uncomfortable in the middle of learning. I thought I wouldn’t succeed, was going to embarrass myself and maybe drown in the process. There were times when I wanted to say – STOP, enough is enough.

How about you? How uncomfortable was your big challenge, did you want to stop in the middle, did you almost give up?

Afterwards, were you an improved version of yourself? Your skills, confidence and outlook probably changed.

What’s it like to be coached?

So, what’s it like to be coached? Worth it in the end, but maybe uncomfortable on the way. In working with a coach you are going to be tackling some of the issues in your firm that you haven’t tackled for a while, or maybe you’ll be breaking habits and creating new ones. That can be tough.

  • Tough, but really worthwhile
  • Tough, but you’ve got support at your side

We need discomfort and challenge in order to grow, improve, and change; otherwise we would stay the same!

One of the skills we all need to be better at, is getting back onto the metaphorical wagon. When learning to be a diving instructor (and struggling), I asked my coach how come he never had problems in the water and always looked good. I wanted to know the secret.

His answer was that his skill was not to avoid having problems, but in his ability to deal with them before they become big (and noticeable by me).

So, what’s it like to be coached? At times slightly uncomfortable, but a good coach is there to support you and keep you focused on what you want.

How to choose a coach

Ultimately you need a coach that you will get on with, and that can help you to change your firm. But there is more than that….

  • Relevant experience: Do they have experience in your field? You are not choosing somebody that’s done it and telling you how they did it. You are choosing somebody that is expert in helping others to do what you need to do. So a good coach (for you) will have worked with many others in your area. Can you see real testimonials, and speak to ex clients?
  • Rapport with a bite: You are looking for somebody that you feel comfortable talking to, but know that they are not just being nice while they listen. They listen, because they’re going to get you to dig deeper into your personal resources (oops. There’s that slight discomfort again).
  • Challenging: You are not just choosing a new best friend, but somebody that will challenge you.
  • Asks, not tells: A good coach will probe and get you to uncover answers, rather than tell you what they think the answers should be. What’s it liked to be coached? Lots of questions, often things like “What have we uncovered here, what actions can you begin to take?”

Why does coaching work?

Coaching works because you start to change the way you think and act. What’s it like to be coached? Skilled coaches don’t simply tell people what to do, or do it for them. A good coach will help you realise how to bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want to be. Then support you, push you and hold you accountable for your actions.

What’s your answer to “what’s it like to be coached”?