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July 12th: Pricing for profit

Sept 12th: Meeting your new prospect.

Oct 10th: Getting more from your new clients

Nov 12th: Supercharge your networking

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Money - part of pricing for profit

Pricing for profit

July 12th: 12:00

There’s a common myth that your pricing determines your profitability, and all you need to do is get better at fee increases. This misses the point.

Accountants fall down when it comes to using the tools available to give more value to clients and extract a higher premium for it. Learn 4 actions that will help you make more money, and have happier clients!

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Tea and cakes - your sales process?

Meeting your new prospect

Sept 12th: 12:00

Have you noticed how some Accountants seem to glide through their sales meetings and get the client, at the price they want in the way they want. If so, you’re probably one of those that seem to get the difficult prospects who want time to make up their mind, haggle on price and have services tailored to them not you. If so, you need this webinar.

Learn how the simple planning steps and three simple tips have changed the way that many Accountants sign up their prospects.

It’s not just about more sign ups, it’s about easier and at a better fee.

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Dealing with your new clients

Oct 10th: 12:00

Getting your new client is only half the problem. Have you noticed how much harder it is to deal with new clients, get them set up and “trained” to work the way you want? It’s also the time when clients are often most critical and least forgiving of you.

How can you set up an onboarding process that saves you time, makes your client happier, and helps you to make them want more of your services?

This webinar will give you three ideas to improve your onboarding process, so you can get on with getting more new clients.

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Tea and cakes - your sales process?

Supercharge your networking

November 14th:

Most Accountants say that networking is a painful exercise of meeting lots of people and kissing frogs in the hope that they wil lturn into princesses.

It really doesn’t have to be that way. Some Accountants get huge value from their networking and never, ever, go near a breakfast event.

This webinar will teach you 5 tips to get value from your networking, so get your idea clients rather than start ups.


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