Did you start to use Twitter, and slowly stop using it? Perhaps you have simply found yourself not using it as much anymore? Scattered across the Twittersphere, like rubbish strewn across a deserted beach, lie half used, and no longer used Twitter accounts. If your’s is one, and you want to change that, here’s five ideas.

Rubbish on a beach, like half used Twitter accounts on the web

You want to re-engage with Twitter, in a way that will help your develop your reputation, support business growth, and yet energise you so you don’t think you are the one person trying to purge the post festival field of rubbish.

Realising that I needed to re-engage on Twitter, but not overwhelm myself, it was time for an action plan. The action-plan is below, it resulted in web traffic picking up and I started having more useful conversations with good networking contacts.

Important points about Twitter

Your use of Twitter is not going to suddenly transform your fortunes. It’s like networking; sustained, sensible use will allow you to discuss issues and get to know relevant people. It can drive web-traffic to useful places on your website, and be a good way to listen to what’s going on in world (or your part of it). It can be a good place to keep in touch with people (clients, prospects, introducers, and fun people).

The vast majority of professionals who start using twitter think of it as a potential route to market (mistake). Then they lose interest a few weeks later if they haven’t won any work from it. If you are going to use Twitter, it’s a long haul, few minutes a day thing – otherwise, don’t bother. There are some people who win work from it, but they are the minority.

Is Twitter still worthwhile?

Media reports suggest it’s the weakest of the social media. I suspect that like all the other social media, it will evolve. The CEO has realised that many people find it confusing and is trying to simplify it. The strongest growing element of all the platforms is video, Twitter is no different. Give serious through to how you can use video in your social networking activities. Is Twitter still worthwhile –

5 actions to re-engage on Twitter

  1. Initiating conversations: I spend a five minutes morning and evening, replying to other people on Twitter. I have set up a number of lists (hot prospects, interesting people, chatty people, accountants, lawyers, friends, etc). Good lists mean you don’t get drowned trying to listen to all of your followers. A twitter list allows you to listen to a select few people at a time.
  2. Regular use: From my phone I tweet using dead time (arrived early for meetings etc.). These may be simple updates, what I’m up to etc. It was hard as it can feel like shouting into emptiness of space (demotivating). So I didn’t start this until I after “initiating conversations”.
  3. Conference use: If I’m in a conference (large public meeting, or meeting with other Twitter users) I use Hootsuite (can follow several things at once). I’ll tweet live comments, updates and useful snippets. It often gets good feedback, and writing helps me remember the important parts of what was said.
  4. Sharing updates: One thing most of us benefit from it reading useful material. That might be marketing, professional updates, ideas on improving your effectiveness, strategy, you name it. When I stopped feeling motivated to engage on Twitter, I started reading less. As a result, I felt less motivated! Now I set 15 minutes (timed) to read articles. If they’re good, they get shared on buffer.
  5. Automation: Automatically sending out tweets that you have prepared in advance, or links to your posts (like this one) can allow you to be “seen” throughout the day. I reinstated revive old post to send out blog posts. I send no more than 6 daily, as they will be a small part of my overall Twitter feed. How do you feel about social media automation?

Your action?

That was my list, what do you do to engage on Twitter and will you chat to @divingjon?

Written by Jon Baker The 5-50 Coach. I help professionals grow their firms from 5 to 50 employees, sustainably, profitably and still have fun. Have you got your "next step kitbag yet"? It's stuffed with guides, reports & templates helping you grow from 5 to 50 employees Click here for immediate access