One simple idea to keep up with all the discussion on Twitter, and not go mad. Twitter lists – they can help you focus, listen to the right people, motivate yourself or defocus! Twitter lists are like the old cream egg advert, how do you use yours? Here’s some thoughts….

cream egg as a metaphor for twitter lists

When I first started on Twitter, there lots of noise every time I looked at the screen, I couldn’t see what was going on. Then I got more followers, followed more people and it got worse…..

It’s like trying to listen to everybody at a party.

You can’t do it and you go deaf or mad trying (perhaps both). That quickly leads to the issue that many people talk about regarding Twitter – not enough time,  “Twitter ate my day”, or social media stress.

You will always find me in the kitchen at parties (no, don’t start singing ). I’ll be in the kitchen because the people I like most congregate there. Sometimes I’ll move to another room, if I want to listen to a different conversation; what do you do? Using Twitter lists is just like that.

Save Twitter time, focus on the right people

Twitter allows you to do the same, choose which conversation you want to listen to at any one time. ALl you need to do is set up relevant twitter lists.

If you have a group of people that often talk about social media, or there is a group of people that you are very interested in (potential clients, good referrers, friends, etc) then create a list for them.

Twitter lists

Twitter allows you to create  different groups of people, then listen to/ watch each list when you like. I have a Twitter list for people I am very interested in, one for local people, one for people who talk about great marketing stuff, etc.

I don’t look at each list every time I go on Twitter. In fact some are called things like “W-Rvw: Interesting people”, to remind me to review them weekly.

You can set Tweetdeck, Hootsuite etc, to view your lists as well. Start just listening to only the conversations you want to.


Twitter  lists can be private or public, choose which you want (both have advantages). Don’t name your Twitter lists things like “Unimportant people” if it is a public list, people will get upset if they’re on it. Yes, it has been done! You can make your lists private, so nobody can see them.

And finally…

1: Decide which lists make sense for you – requires planning, oh no, not a strategy 🙁
2: Read different lists at different times

What Twitter lists make sense for you?

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