Testimonials are a tool that you can use to help close deals before they pause into oblivion and freeze over. How do you use your  recommendations?Diving under the ice in the arctic circle. I needed some testimonials that my kit would work, before I went.

The painful pause

When was the last time you bought something big? I’m in the middle of buying some expensive new diving gear. What was your last big purchase? Somewhere in that process do you find that there’s ever a step in the process where you pause before buying?

If you pause, how often do you keep going? I know from personal experience and from research that many people, no matter how much they intend to buy pause during the process. Often they don’t restart after that pause, meaning you lose a sale – possibly forever, but certainly for today.

What happens in the painful pause?

What happens to you? Do you stop and wonder:

  • Will this really fix xyz
  • Will this do what I need it to?
  • Can I trust this person?
  • Is there a better/ more effective way of solving the problem?
  • Is it too expensive?

This is one of the points in the sales process where a good testimonial really helps. This stage is where the prospect wants some confirmation that they’re doing the right thing. Checking your claims by reading your testimonials is natural. If you can help them quickly through this stage, by having relevant testimonials (and showing them), you are far more likely to make the sale. Watch the video as I talk about a manic barbecue and how testimonials saved the chef.

A tip to make more of your testimonials

How can you save the sale? If they can read, listen to, watch or even better talk to an existing client answer their query you are likely to convert that lead. Live testimonials, or on video can be powerful here.  How many relevant testimonials have you got written up, recently? Relevant recommendations answer the query that your prospect is worrying about.

That implies you need one or two answering each of the typical queries that prospects ask themselves – have you got them?  Do you know what the typical queries are? If not, ask some existing clients what they worried about when they were signing you up.

You may, of course, need to direct them towards your relevant recommendations at this point.

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Why is LinkedIn powerful for testimonials?

LinkedIn Chocolates can save the day, like LinkedIn recommendations, which are good testimonialsAny recommendation is better than none (well almost), but the more believable, the better. Only the recommender can write your LinkedIn recommendation, unlike a website where (be honest) you’ve wondered about the veracity of some recommendations. A video or actually speaking to recommender is, of course, even more believable. However, LinkedIn is trustworthy, and you can reuse your testimonials from there. Download our free guide to getting more from LinkedIn, it's free and waiting for you to download right nowClick here for instant access (email address required)..

How do you make your testimonials work for you?

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