It’s OK, this is not a fed of Christmas and venting blog, but there is something in it! What makes a team awayday worthwhile? OK, you may call it a / team strategy day,  energiser, or anything else you want. And of course, as it’s approaching Christmas and you might be thinking of doing nice things with your team. So you want to be creating a great team event- BEWARE!

Is your team event like a christmas tree, lifeless when the shiny bits are gone?

The Christmas tree

This time of December is great; all the people going out and dragging back beautiful trees, resplendent in foliage and with great ideas about the next few weeks (assuming you don’t do the fake thing in your house).

A few days later the tree stands proudly bedecked in baubles, with beautifully wrapped parcels underneath and proclaiming to the world that you are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas. But is there more to Christmas?

A few weeks later the parcels have gone, the wrapping paper no longer spread across the floor, the chocolates eaten and the shock at standing on the scales is done. What are you left with was the shiny baubles are taken down? Just needles and most of them have fallen off too (normally in embarrassing places as I drag the tree from the room)

Creating a great team event

You may have great ideas about creating a great team event, at any time of year, although many seem to think it even more appropriate coming into Christmas

Unless you want your efforts in creating great team event to be totally wasted, over as quickly as the baubles and to become as awkward as those needles that fell in the wrong place, you need to think a bit deeper.

A team is not just for Christmas.

One of the classic problems is that around the time of creating a team event the business owner promises a lot. “Yes I will listen”, “yes I really value my staff and your input” and many other vacuous phrases.  Just stop and think about the words that you’ve heard before, and perhaps used yourself.

If you create some goodwill in the team, you need to keep it going, so that it isn’t a waste of time. It’s a lot harder to light a log fire than it is to keep it gently glowing, ready to burst into flames again.

The three biggest team event mistakes

  1. Making promises and not keeping them. Of course you don’t do that? Well, probably not, but that is often the perception, and that’s where dangerous cynicism sets in. How about making sure your team know that the changes that follow the team event are linked to it and that you are delivering on their requests. Plan an ongoing communication programme for three months after the event.
  2. Not making decisions. So they ask you about something, or recommend a change and you can’t decide. How do you look now? If you really need time to decide, tell them that, and then tell them after you have decided (and why).
  3. Repeating the same old tired format. Creating a team event is not like your family Christmas traditions, vary it. Change the format, the content and what you expect from the team. Stop the cynicism from building up.

If you are struggling to get more from your team, and want them to think more for themselves, click here to book a 15 minute slot in my diary and let’s discuss some ideas.

What team event will you be creating, and how will you make it linked to your business success?

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