OK, it’s Christmas and  you might plant a Christmas tree, then you could decorate it again and again, saving time, money and the planet. No, actually I mean it’s time to plant a metaphorical tree.  How many times have you said to yourself in the last few months, “I will delegate more, tomorrow”? Maybe you say “I will explain my strategy to my key team members…tomorrow”? Can your team development really wait?

team development and the christmas tree

The best time to plant a tree

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, because they grow slowly. That makes tree planting just like developing the people in your team and your team development! Think about the way you change and develop your thinking. It takes a while for the thought to sink in, develop, and then push its way to the surface before it starts being acted on. Then the tiny little thought gets trampled on but other things like the day to day and existing habits and then, maybe it becomes recognisable as the new idea you had some months ago.

If that’s true of you, who owns the firm and is much more motivated by its success than anybody else in your team – how long will it take thoughts to germinate with them? They have to have the confidence to change their habits, the confidence to talk to you and that’s before they start trying to change their ways.

That’s why the best time to change your team’s behaviour was a long time ago.

The second best time to plant a tree.

OK, so you didn’t plant your tree twenty years ago, so when should you do it instead?


You didn’t have those team development discussions a long time ago, when is the second best time?


Simple fact: In your small firm you getting the team to become more productive is a better investment of your time that you still trying to do it yourself.

A Christmas tree for you

So, as you approach Christmas and enjoy looking at nicely decorated trees, think to yourself- what will you do differently in the new year with your team – and why wait till then?

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