A tactical marketing plan can be a powerful tool when growing your income. When reviewing progress of some firms recently I saw that initially they all loved it, and then some had stopped using it. All the others reported improved growth and that they had found it to be a really powerful tool. After the meeting, sitting on the tube aimlessly looking at adverts,I saw amazing new shiny gadgets I could buy and how they were supposed to save me time. Then it struck me!

Computer recording the tactical marketing plan

The shiny toy syndrome

Time management, saving time and getting more done normally involve being more focused and sticking to what you know works. But we seem to live in an age where it’s easy to try the latest shiny toy/ new method of working, without really thinking.

Most professionals growing their own firms need to get more business and many keep trying out all the ‘new’ methods. Each time they look for ‘the answer’, the ‘one right way‘ to develop new business. They’ve flipped through countless different methods of business development, tried each for a short period and then been sold a new method.

Let’s be honest there are new things popping up every couple of weeks, whether that’s ‘get an app for your firm’, ‘social media’, ‘cold calling packages’, ‘buying a list’ (shall I go on?).

The problem is, there is no one answer and if there was it would change!

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The tactical marketing plan

A laser sharp focus on how many leads you need, where you’ll get them and comparing results with target each month is harder work. It doesn’t promise dramatic results and it’s old fashioned, but it works! I call it a tactical marketing plan, what do you call it? Download our free guide to the tactical marketing plan

In it’s simplest form you have a list showing the 3-4 marketing activities that you do month in, month out. It also shows the number of leads you generate each month from them. It’s not clever or shiny, but it keeps you focused and accountable.

What are you doing to be able to easily review your marketing versus the leads you need, and stopping you form playing with shiny new toys?

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