What is the strangest location that you have ever had a sales conversation?

Many of us have had sales conversations at odd moments and in odd places. Until this weekend I would have said that mine was when bouncing up and down in a small boat on the English channel in a force five and feeling a bit green; although the discussion kept my mind off of the nausea! Now maybe you’re asking why?

This weekend I did something that a time management and work life balance expert shouldn’t do. Whilst balancing off of a rock, 3000 feet up a Welsh mountain, gripping on with one hand and not daring to move my feet I answered the phone and sold a place on our next workshop.¬†OK, the reality is that I didn’t know who was calling and it’s normally only friends that call at the weekend; I do what I can to protect my sanity and have a work life balance that helps me to do that

Whilst conscious of a discussion about dressing up for sales conversations as it puts one in a different mindset, I would have to say that this conversation went well.

This got me wondering, where was your strangest conversation, why, and how did it turn out? Did the odd location help, or hinder you?