You’ve invested a huge amount of time and money in finding the right new recruit for your team. The easiest way to waste all that effort is poor staff induction; yet that’s what happens in most firms. You’d help a child learn to ride, so are you prepared to trust your new recruit to a staff induction process based on luck?

How learning to ride a bike is like the staff induction process

Common complaints from new recruits

You might think back to firms you worked for when you were young, you might ask trusted staff what their experience was like when they joined you. Both are good places to start creating a good staff induction process.

It’s also worth understanding the most frequent complaints people have about their induction experiences.

The reports are that they are

  • Overwhelmed
  • Bored
  • Left to sink or swim on their own

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The cost of poor staff induction

That failure of the staff induction process tends to lead to a confused new member of staff that long time to become productive (that’s a huge waste of your money), or they frustrated leave the firm.

Poor employee retention is costly, just consider what it cost you to find them, how you struggled when you were a person down and the cost of helping the new recruit get up to speed – all gone to waste.

Then there’s the impact on the rest of your team. If your new recruit feels lost, she either makes mistakes till somebody shows her what to do, or other team members spend their time helping. One lost soul can easily lead to others considering how happy (or not) they feel, that’s a box you might not want to open.

If you brought a new piece of practice management software (or any other major purchase) you probably do all you can to get it productive as soon as possible? Why do so many firms not do this with their new staff?

What’s in an effective staff induction process?

You may not have to teach the technical skills, but you do need to do every else to help them settle in quickly. Leadership tips from the toilet was a light hearted look at the issue, but you do need to consider all the social as well as work elements  that will help them settle in.

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What are all the things your team members know and do that make them productive? You could start by asking them. There’s who does what, where to find what, client information, your firm’s values.

How about discussing the induction programme with the new recruit, so they feel as if they had a hand in it? Then give them a programme, showing everything they’ll cover.  

What do you think goes in a good staff induction process?

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Learn how to attract, recruit and retain the RIGHT staff. FREE webinar on 23rd May. Click for more details

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