Christmas must be approaching as the Coca-Cola lorry is appearing in my Facebook feed. WAIT, what about TV? No, I see more people sharing it on Facebook than I see it being paid for on TV!  Why are big companies showing us things that have little to do with their product, why are they on Facebook and how can you benefit? Are informality and humour becoming more important in social networking? What should you being doing to improve your social media marketing this Christmas and into the New Year? Coca Cola lorry, a symbol of changing social networking and social media tips?

Informality seems to be growing

Do you find that Facebook as a place for person to person connection is growing faster and LinkedIn becoming crustier? Even if you don’t there are many that do. What could you be doing on Facebook to make more of it as you watch that red lorry this year?

Facebook’s becoming more important in social media marketing despite the fact that most professionals are wary of its impact. Is that an opportunity for you?

Social networking and chargeable time

The owners of many small professional firms worry about the time it will take to “do” social media. Tools like ‘Hootsuite’ can help to make that time more efficient, but time is still required.

How could you be getting your team to help too, at least their time is cheaper and they are as authentically part of your firm as you are. Informality and humour are becoming more part of society than you might like, and perhaps your team can help you there.

Social media tip 1

“Getting my name out there” is something I hear a lot of, and it’s hard to deny that this is a good thing – or is it?

Getting my name out there is a waste of time, unless there is some clear thing that people do as a result of seeing your name. You are not running Coca-Cola, you own a small firm and your name isn’t going to have the same effect, even if you have a blue-chip sized marketing budget.

Change your thinking from ‘how to get my name out there’ to ‘how get people to contact you’. Maybe an offer of something (lead magnets haven’t had their day yet), maybe a consultation (want 15 minutes of my time to help you think of some ideas, click here- yes I meant it!).

Tip 2: Focused interaction and social networking

Change your thinking from social media to social networking. Now, how would you focus your networking onto the people that matter more to your firm’s growth? It’s easy if you’re face to face, you talk to them, and not as much with everybody in the room. You can do that on Social Networking sites, if you choose.

Thought 3: Website traffic

Most business owners then say they are getting website traffic from their social media. Two questions:

  1. Are you really, and which social platform is best – when did you last check your stats?
  2. So what! What are they doing on arrival on your website? When did you last check those stats?

Thought 4: Getting to know you

If I can get to know you, I can start to see if I like you and how you’re different. Most professionals say that they want clients who they like (we did a survey on that too). The best way to find people you like is to help people like you, find you.

Do your tweets/ status updates/ Facebook posts reflect you, or some crusty ideal that you think represents being professional? Which is most likely to attract clients you like?

At least talk for a minute on video, even if it’s only on your about us page. Let the see what you’re really like, you never know, they make like you, rather than the person they think you are.

The word is changing

Like it, or not, the world is becoming less formal. People interact differently than ever before, but they still seek interaction with real people. How will you change the way you make use of that, as the coca cola adverts play out this Christmas?

Photo used under creative commons licence. For more information, click here.