How would a cardboard policeman help your business? Imagine my surprise yesterday when I was buying fuel, there was a life size policeman in the back of the petrol station. I could see it was cardboard whilst I was filling my car! Would something that obvious affect your behaviour?

Well, OK, it made me laugh; but I don’t think that’s the behavioural change they were hoping for!

Ineffective practice in your business?

What is happening in your business which is creating……… no impact?

Are there staff practices you ask them to do which have very little discernible benefits (other than waste time)? I was recently working with a business which spent hours printing electronic receipts, filing them and then stapling them onto a manually written out order form; just so they knew it was paid. This filing took an hour a day and nobody ever looked at it (as they all used the electronic records).
What procedures are in place to help you control things, which are no longer valid?

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Who knows best about time wasting work?

It is probably your staff that actually do the work that understand the problems, rather than you. But they probably think they’re doing what you want! The procedure may have been valid some years ago (like the filing above), but has long since stopped being worthwhile. Things are constantly changing outside your business, and do need to evolve inside it too (a bit like the tree that walks). You can’t possibly know all the examples of things like this in the business; what could you do to empower your team to seek out such waste and eradicate it?

Learn how to attract, recruit and retain the RIGHT staff. FREE webinar on 9th May. Click for more details

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