Children are brilliant, they tend to be born sales people, sales in the sense that they get you to do things (isn’t that what selling is)? What sales tips can you learn from a child?

Sales tips from my daughter

My daughter is a natural born negotiator and sales woman. There are, of course, some copied behaviours from yours truly; but she has successfully refined several key selling techniques. They are definitely used for (and my husband’s) benefit. These sales tips are something every accountant, lawyer, coach or consultant with business development responsibilities could learn from.

So, what are these sales techniques?

  1. Focus. My daughter knows what she wants and doesn’t let anything distract her from the relentless pursuit of her goal. (Yep, it is tough being her mother) How many times do you get distracted from your business development objectives? How much more would you achieve if you were 10% more focused on your business development responsibilities?
  2. Persistence. She has already realised that she probably wouldn’t make the sale in one conversation – and by sale, I mean encouraging me to give her chocolate, sweeties or a snack… She will gently and persistently follow up. Are you following up with your prospects and helping them get to the next step in the sales process?
  3. The up-sell. When she wants something, she will always ask for a very small, tiny or a little bit. As soon as I agree to the seemingly innocuous request, I then find that I am handing over large portions of biscuits, my snack or chocolate. When you are selling to potential clients are you asking for small exchanges of commitment – for example, getting a time to meet in the diary? And most importantly, have you got risk free ways of them trying out or testing your services?

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What have your children taught you about selling?

ps. The picture isn’t really my daughter 🙂

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