Please give me some quick marketing ideas” is a worrying question often asked by people that don’t really want to do any marketing, say no to most things you suggest (despite them working for everybody else) and go on to say how their firm is different!

Here’s some quick marketing ideas to help you re-engage and start to boost client numbers.

Marketing ideas in a Peruvian market

There are three steps to this

  1. Quick fix marketing ideas to do now. Ideal if you need to do something (and are not at the moment) for whatever reason. Yes, they are “the basics”.
  2. Things to seriously think about. You want to change gear, but don’t know where to start.
  3. Why marketing has moved on. You keep hearing new things, but want to know what happened to the old tried an trusted methods.

 Quick fix marketing ideas to do now

You’ve had a busy few months, not done much marketing and want (need?) to “get out there”. You may even be worried and wondering if you’ve really “got what it takes” any more.

I guess you want to do something positive before (or without) engaging with that modern marketing monster – social media. I’m sure you don’t want to sit around and think about your specialism and longer term strategy just yet (although that is what will make the biggest long term difference).

  1. Carve out time each day for attracting new clients. How long is up to you; but carve it out, keep it special and do proactive things in it. Being the best (Accountant, Lawyer, IFA…) is no good. You’re technically brilliant and like learning new technical skills, but no new leads means you won’t have a client base to serve. You’re reading this, so you know that.
  2. Looking and listening. Often the very act of being more aware means that you tune into conversations differently (“the more I practice, the luckier I get“). Listen for clues that somebody might want your expertise. The best marketing campaigns work because there’s a mindset change around listening for client clues.
  3. Speak to a client every day. Yes, that is marketing! You’re helping retain clients, getting feedback on your services, better understanding their issues and (if all goes well) asking for a referral. Speaking to clients is (normally) pleasant and will help you realise that people do appreciate you and how good you are.
  4. Go back to your list. Yes, the list of people you once spoke to about their interest in you as a service provider, but didn’t sign up. Reignite those connections. Keeping in touch is one of the most powerful strategies. Don’t ask for work, don’t tell them how good you are, ask how things are. Ask what trends they’re seeing, what’s working well for them and then, maybe what issues they have.
  5. Get to some networking meetings. Yes, I know you hate them, as you don’t like the idea of selling! Go to a few and don’t try to get clients. Simply listen to a range of different business owners and their issues on your subject. Go to enjoy the meeting. Understanding the way they talk about things will help you with the other conversations you are having. Sometimes simply being with other positive people will help. What’s more, sometimes you can feel better simply because you’re doing something positive. This leads me to the last point.
  6. Dump the rubbish in your head. You want marketing ideas, but you’re not using them because something is nagging at you. A client once told me they keep having doubts about themselves, which prevents them from being proactive as it dims their confidence. Think for a moment, why do you choose to believe the doubts rather than the knowledge that you are good? Think on this phrase.
Doubt the doubts, not the facts.

Already doing all these? Well you’ll enjoy “Frustrated by lack of growth and marketing ideas that don’t work in your firm?” (if only for the Morecambe and Wise sketch).

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Marketing ideas to think seriously about.

If you’re already doing the above list, well done. It’s time to move to stage 2 of reigniting your firm’s growth for the year. Click for stage two of marketing ideas to make a difference to this year

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