It’s really hard to solve a problem until you change the way you think about it. Most professionals, even the most amazing people get stuck and need help problem solving every now and again.Today’s tip (and movie) is about problem solving. Seeing things for a different point of view can lead to giant leaps in productivity and creativity. Allowing yourself to see the world through a different pair of eyes can inspire you to solve insoluble problems.

The Muppet Christmas carol is one of my favourite movies. Reminds me that changing perspective is a good way of problem solving.

Christmas is a magical time and one where we can have a little fun too. These Christmas blogs are based around some of my favourite Christmas movies, I hope you like them. The Muppet Christmas carol reminds me about problem solving, here’s how. 
You can’t solve a problem, by using the same thinking that got you into it.

Have you ever found yourself wondering:

  • why on earth your staff keep doing THAT? Why can’t they see sense? How would it be if you looked at it from their point of view?
  • how on earth you keep getting to the end of the week and not delivered your strategic promises to yourself? This is normally the biggest reason for firm’s not getting the growth they aspire to.
  • why you keep getting sucked back into the “day to day” parts of running your firm? You know the old adage about working on the business, not working in the business, but it doesn’t quite happen.

Perspective is everything.

A good example is the Accountants who were spending hours on their reviews; they needed to reduce the time – but never succeeded. The reality was they enjoyed spending the time with their juniors, they liked training. On realising this they structured things differently to allow for specific training time, and shortened the reviews. Productivity rose, everybody happy!

If you find yourself repeating the same thing again and again, despite “not wanting to”, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself one of my favourite questions. It’s a great question as, surely, you only repeat something if you get something from it. Find out what and then decide what to do about it.

How is this situation serving you?

Often the reason we don’t change something, is because there are elements of it we crave.  You can read more about it in “got a minute”

The Muppet’s Christmas carol

My Christmas never starts until I’ve watched the Muppets Christmas carol, it’s a tradition that started when my son was a lot younger! Now, I don’t feel Christmassy till I’ve had an afternoon laughing (and almost crying) at it. Now there’s an admission you don’t get every day!

To me this clip is all about looking at things differently.

What will you do differently, to help yourself look at things from a different perspective this year?

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