Is this a powerpoint? Presentation tips to improve your presentation. powerpoint presentations are better when they're simple. Most business owners have to give presentations, maybe to a client or in a networking meeting. I am often asked for Presentation tips as networkers get ready for their “10 minute presentation”. Here is my Presentation tips checklist.

How to give a business presentation

You know your subject, and may have seen the format several times (maybe even every week); you may even have attended your networking group’s presentation skills course (a good idea). But you want some presentation tips to ensure you do something really good, try this checklist – and be honest with yourself.

Your presentation tips checklist

1 – About you:

  • Why are you doing it? Silly? But many people aren’t clear on this, so their presentation wanders all over the place. Know why you’re bothering. It’s likely to be enhancing your professional credibility so you can get more business in the future (or a variation of this).
  • What do you want them to do? Once they’ve listened to you, what do you want them to do? If your answer is nothing, they’ll do…nothing (and isn’t that a waste!). At the very least it could be to give me more referrals. You may want to ensure your key message tells them, what you want them to do. If not, it does need to be really clear.

2 – About your presentation:

  • How long have you got: Critical question, don’t overrun! Allow some time at the end for questions. So if you have 10 minutes, allow 2 minutes for questions. Also allow for the fact that sometimes you may not start as soon as you stand up – some groups include the introduction as part of your 10 minutes.

Is this a powerpoint? Presentation tips to improve your presentation. powerpoint presentations are better when they're simple.

  • Should you use presentation software? Something like Microsoft powerpoint can be useful. However it’s much more likely to give problems, cause you stress and help you go wrong. Unless you really need it, avoid using powerpoint for a short presentation. Giving a simple presentation is more likely to be effective and cause you less stress (so you’ll deliver better). Business powerpoint presentations has some tips for better use of presentation software like Microsoft Powerpoint.

3 – About your audience:
Any good presenter will really think about her audience. A simple start is “what do you audience:

  • small_teamalready know: If they already know something about you or your subject, ask yourself how can you enhance that? If they know nothing, make sure you keep things simple.
  • expect: It may be right to go with the normal style of presentations, or do something different. If everybody else creates “death by powerpoint”, then talk. If more interaction would be good, then go for it.
  • find interesting: How could you use their interest in your presentation? You need to tap into something that they will interested in, even if it’s only as a metaphor or to get them to listen. They won’t be interested, just because you are (although your interest needs to show).

As you’re interested in improving your presentation skills, you may have listened to other business owners giving their presentation tips – be wary! You’ll find “Presenting: Three top lies” interesting.

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A real example of these Presentation tips.

The last person to ask me for some presentation tips was a graphic designer. He initially said:

I’m doing it to promote good design and to educate the group and as a result of listening I want them to understand the value of a good client.”

Would you enjoy listening to that? No, I thought not.

So, thinking again decided he wanted them to understand 5 points about good design, so they could tell the difference between his work and other designers (educate – don’t sell is a good motto). He wanted them to be able to refer him on the basis of knowledge, rather than group loyalty.

Golf player, knowing your audience is a great presentation tipsHe realised that most of the group were golf fanatics and didn’t really know much about his graphic design.

He started off asking why one golf course is better than another. Shocked they started interacting and thinking about the important elements of golf. They were then led into a discussion about design and why some design doesn’t work – even though it may “look good” (just like golf courses).

Suddenly they were thinking about their own marketing material and why it doesn’t work as well as it should (they got the message). They saw examples of his work, that all displayed the good points and some humorous examples of bad design (that kept them laughing). The result – more referrals.

If you’re still looking for more presentation tips, you’ll enjoy reading “Presentations: How can I make my Presentation worthwhile, let alone memorable.” Have you downloaded our guide “Improving your presentation skills”, it's free and waiting for you to download right nowClick here for instant access (email address required).

What presentation tips have really helped you?

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