Sales training to grow your firm: Your Sales development MOT

You run your own firm, you’re an expert in your field and you’re looking to grow your firm. Do you struggle to close deals and wonder “how to sell more“? If so, you want sales training suited to your profession, tailored for your firm and personal goals.

Let’s be honest, as an expert in your profession, selling is not something you ever wanted to do. Otherwise you would have wanted to be as sales person!.

The result? Frustration as you and your team spend longer than you should converting & signing up less ideal new clients than your ambition dictates.

How to sell more – your MOT

We will help you identify your issues and show you how to sell more. We will work on a sales strategy, specifically for you and ensure you get the sales training to be able to use it.

A car mechanic diagnosing a problem with your car, needs to get under the bonnet before helping you. That’s why we call this a sales MOT. It’s time to get ‘under the bonnet’ and help find the things in your firm that need improving. Then you will be able to achieve your ambitions for your firm.sales training mot is like a normal MOT, but less greasy

Your sales training MOT gives you

This structured sales MOT is more than just sales training. It is specifically designed for ambitious owners of small professional firms that are looking for the elusive £150k personal take home income.

After your Sales development MOT you will have:

  • A clear idea of how to get more clients to sign up
  • The confidence to get out there and sell, without worrying about selling
  • The knowledge of how to manage your team so they sign up more clients for you
  • A voucher worth £250 to spend with us on any of our coaching packages, such as our ‘Get more clients‘ programme.

How does the sales development MOT work?

  1. Arrange a no-obligation 30 minute consultation with one of our coaches. In this consultation, we will find out more about you and check the suitability of the structured sales MOT for you. If there is a good match, we will invite you to sign up for a structured sales MOT. We will also give you any more details about the sales training you want.
  2. Decide. If you decide on the call that you want to go for a structured sales MOT (or any other of our coaching packages), we will give you a 10% discount. The discount is only available for those people who commit to an MOT on the no-obligation consultation.
  3. Diagnosis. The next step is to complete a range of comprehensive diagnostic tools, which we will agree in advance based on your personal circumstances, such as our:
  • Marketing Process health check
  • Strategic Alignment test
  • Social Media profile check
  1. Get your results and identify priority action areas with your coach. We discuss the results of these diagnostics, with priority action areas identified. Our discussion will be delivered by Skype or over the phone, at a time convenient to you with one of our experienced coaches. In this session, your coach will help you identify your next steps, which may include working with one of our coaches to support you to address your priority areas.
  2. Decide on which of our coaching packages is suitable for you, if you want more help with implementation.

Be honest with yourself.

Could you, hand on heart, say you have the following in place and working effectively?

  • Sales process. Do you have a carefully crafted sales process to help you sell more without becoming a pushy sales person? A sales process that links to your client management system is a critical element of your growth.
  • Sales management system. Do you and your team use a tested, carefully planned, sales management system? Does it help you coordinate the activity with an appropriate client record system? Do you get measures and reports on conversion rates and results on a weekly basis?
  • Uniqueness. You have identified and persuasively articulated a Unique Buying Proposition to compel your ideal clients to work with you, rather than your competitors. Most importantly your entire team is using these strengths when meeting prospective clients.
  • Pricing confidence. You and your team are confident with the reasons that clients should pay the level of fees you seek and are rehearsed in dealing with price objections.

My confidence in sales has risen dramatically since meeting with Jon Baker. He made me realise there are ways around being thought of as a ‘pushy salesman’, which didn’t sit well with me. I am now much happier with the whole process of sales. Will Tebbs, Golf Professional

f1 mechanic

We will provide the sales training that helps you implement these in your firm, once we know exactly what you need.

Just like an MOT for your car, your MOT will give you the reassurance that you are ‘safe to drive’ or identify where you need extra work to improve your sales processes, skills and confidences so you can get more from your firm.

When your car has an MOT your have the option to do the repairs on your car yourself, or opt for the garage to do the repairs for you. In your Structured Sales MOT you may choose to work with one of our coaches to support you to achieve your firm’s goals. There is no pressure from us to work with one of our coaches after the MOT.

After your sales MOT.

When you have completed your sales development MOT you will feel more confident in your abilities to sell more. You will have new ideas on what to change in your firm and feel inspired to put things into practice.

Working with you has directly affected my bottom line, and at least one significant contract would have gone by the wayside without your advice, and finally, I would recommend any professional looking to grow their firm to take the time to get to know you, Thank you  Matt Lambert – Conversationware

Everyone who completes a structured sales MOT, will be given a complimentary voucher worth £250 to spend on a coaching package* with us. Your coach will help you decide on the appropriate coaching programme you will need to achieve your firm’s goals. A typical coaching package will last a year month and cost between £2500 and £4500.

How much does a Sales development MOT cost?

Your investment for this inspiring session packed with great ideas is £599 plus VAT.

The tips packaged into this session have given me enough ideas to grow my business by at least 20% and will focus me to achieve my targets. A great investment and use of my time – Dave Thorne, Demux Ltd

Our guarantee to you.

Our guarantee is simple and applies to all of our coaching programmes. No quibbles, no risk to you, money back. If after your sales development MOT you don’t feel we helped give you clarity about what you need to do, we will refund all of your fees.

How do I get started?

Click here to email to arrange a no-obligation consultation. Alternatively click here to book a convenient time in my online diary so we can discuss how the MOT will benefit you.


Written by Jon Baker The 5-50 Coach. I help professionals grow their firms from 5 to 50 employees, sustainably, profitably and still have fun. Have you got your "next step kitbag yet"? It's stuffed with guides, reports & templates helping you grow from 5 to 50 employees Click here for immediate access

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