You want to get more leads, or maybe just change and focus what you’re known for? Marketing communications is the step which takes who and what you are and talks about that with the world.Business Handshake, another bit for great marketing communications

Yes, you can get technical – but that’s all marketing communications is, even though some people try to make it complicated.

  • What are you trying to achieve? Before embarking on updating a “marcomms”plan, be clear on what you’re trying to achieve and why. Marketing tips looked at some ideas that will help. Maybe you’re trying to become , just get more leads, get different leads, get “better known” (although I still struggle with this idea, as I don’t think “being better known” is enough)
  • Who are you? What are my firm’s values and why am you interested” looked at what you and your brand (and lets be honest they’re nearly the same in a small firm) represent. If you’ve not done that, yet I’d suggest you start there.
  • If you don’t have time for all this nonsense, marketing ideas to get back into the saddle, has some ideas to put into place now. But it does suggest you do need to think about those other things too.

This article is to make you stop and think before rushing into a new marketing campaign. Stop and think, but not to say “that’s too hard, I must ignore or hand it to professionals”; rather to have some pointers which may help you with marketing communications in your firm.

Marketing communications and relationships

Communication is core to every relationship. The relationship you have with your client and potential clients is no different (and no, don’t forget existing clients when you think ‘marketing communications’). The type of relationships you want (and have) has a direct bearing on your communications (style and content).

[Quote]the strategy used by a firm (or individual) to reach their target market through various types of communication.[/quote]

So, your marketing helps define your firm’s client relationships, not only by the kind of messages exchanged (content, style, tone of voice), but also by the choice of media (social, phone, brochures, website etc).

  • What do your target audience prefer? Action number one is to consider a handful of your target clients and ask yourself what media they prefer/ react best to (try, test and tweak remains core to all marketing). You might like to read about niche
  • Tone of voice: We looked at who you are, so ensure your simple brand rules are followed in all of your marketing communications.
  • What’s your objective? You’re about to promote, publicise or otherwise communicate something about your firm with the world. What are you trying to do? Most small firms need to be more specific!
  • What’s the key message? Knowing what your objective is allows you to be clear on the key message, strip out everything else so that key message is clear and stands out.
  • What’s in it for me? Why should your potential client bother reading it? WIIFM is about recognising that they are not interested in how good you are, how long your firm has been in this wonderful market town, how many partners you have – until they’re interested in something which they want.

It’s about a relationship

Marketing communications, like any discussion is about creating, nurturing and harvesting a relationship. So as you think about one piece of marcomms or plan your whole year’s worth of campaigns – how are you developing your relationship with your audience and what happens next?

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