Many people set up their profile on LinkedIn, then expect the magic to happen; only it doesn’t! LinkedIn daily habits are needed to make it work, and only need a few minutes each day. It’s time to take the LinkedIn challenge part 2.

This magician does magic - not LinkedIn. LinkedIn daily habits make it work, not magic


[note note_color=”#f9f9f9″ text_color=”#323232″] I was watching a friend work his magic, quite literally; a great set of cunning stunts that left the room amazed. As ever, somebody asked him “how do you do that”; his reply was “it’s magic”. Now, you and I know that it’s not magic and that he as cleverly crafted ways of making the magic happen. What’s more you also know he has honed that act over time, practices regularly and has developed his practice into a habit.[/box]

We all know that, but why do we think that LinkedIn will work by magic, with no regular LinkedIn daily habits?

LinkedIn daily habits

Part 2 of your LinkedIn challenge is to develop LinkedIn daily habits; my suggestions are below. More importantly what works for you? Everybody I know who gets value from LinkedIn has a set of LinkedIn daily habits, which this list is built from. So, adapt my list if it helps – but take 9 minutes a day and do something proactive with LinkedIn.

  1. Make an update
  2. Comment on important people’s updates (a minute or two choosing some updates to Like, comment on or share)
  3. Endorse somebody (for something relevant)
  4. People updates (Birthday’s, anniversary etc – Top right of your home page)
  5. Make a group post, or reply to one. (groups can still be useful, if you’re in a good one)
  6. Who’s viewed your profile

Focus for a few minutes on the most important of your contacts. It’s that focus that makes it work, focus on your most important contacts.  We are all connected to many great people, but they’re not all top of our potential introducer or prospect list.

If you’re going to make this work, make it a habit. Checklists can be a great way of developing a habit,  here is a LinkedIn daily habit checklist you can download right now (NO email address required)

Gently pushing the door

[note note_color=”#f9f9f9″ text_color=”#323232″]It was a freezing cold morning, one of those days where people look like steam trains as they breathe. The pavements were packed with people, heads down, hands in pockets, rushing along trying keep warm. I headed for the cafe at the end of the street, longing for a hot cup of tea. As I got closer I could see a queue of people outside; stomping to keep warm, muttering that the cafe wasn’t open and looking generally fed up. I walked past the queue, ignoring their protestations and pushed the door (gently, I’m not a thief); it was stiff but it opened. They looked amazed, and even more fed up – they all thought it was locked. Although they all wanted to be inside, none of them had taken the final (and obvious) step.[/box]

Sometimes people want something, but they’re a little worried about making the final step. The main thing you’re trying to do on LinkedIn is to develop relationships with potential prospects (or introducers). The actions above are designed to maintain, or develop, those relationships. But sometimes you need to do a little more, and gently push the door.

A high proportion of people who view your profile more than once in a short(ish) space of time (obvious spammers excluded) are probably thinking about doing business with you. How about helping them with the final step?

To immediately email them and say “I see you’ keep viewing my profile” might be scare them. What subtler message could you send that extended the hand of friendship, without being too pushy?

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What are you going to put in place from today’s challenge?  

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