Some mistakes I’ve made more than once, time for change?

I have just joined a gym; for the 4th time in my life I have convinced myself that I will regularly exercise and get fit. You may have already guessed that the first three attempts at joining a gym were not too successful.

Why have I decided that this time is different?

Well for a start I have joined with some friends, so if I don’t put the effort in, I have someone else to answer to (accountability works).

A structured programme

Secondly, the gym has a very structured programme to get me started.

And thirdly, its crunch time!

If I don’t get fit now, it will only get harder in the future, and whilst I have a raft of excuses to offer, like a lack of time, I have to make changes.

Also, importantly, I know what has gone wrong when I have joined gyms before. I understand the pitfalls, and will recognise them should things begin to go off track again.

You may be (quite rightly) questioning: why I am telling you this?

As a business coach, I spend my working day, helping people think things through, sign up to challenges that will drive their business forward and be answerable for it. I provide the support my friends and the gym’s structured programme will provide and many of the business owners we work with, it’s crunch time: only with businesses owners it is usually about growth not getting leaner!!

There are huge parallels between my gym membership and business coaching, if only I had noticed this earlier I could have practiced what I preach and would taken this leap of faith earlier.

Joining a gym is about my future health and wellbeing, it is a proactive step to make my future better.

What is always on your wish list, what is stopping you from making it happen? Committing to a plan, especially if you make yourself accountable to somebody else will really help you get there.

What steps are you going to take to get the things on your wish list?