Learn the interesting link between business risk and cockroaches, help your business.

On reading an article in The Times, I saw that a new synthetic heart is being tested for humans. The cockroach came into this world before humans and will survive beyond us. The cockroach heart has 13 chambers, each of which builds pressure (unlike the human heart with only 1 pressure building chamber) this means that it is more able to deal with problems (redundancy in engineering terms).

Considering risks

Considering risks in a pragmatic sense is good and a sensible business planning method, rarely used well. Fear of overdoing it and often a fear of thinking about nasty risks prevents this. Planning for risk and uncertainty and “risk management” is a key tool.

What if…

As a professional who owns their own firm you have already, or you are in the process of, systemising your processes. But do you consider “what if”? Do you have the relevant “what if” steps in place? We’ve specially written a tip sheet on risk management, it may help you with this, click here to download it. (email address required).

The Risk Management process

The risk management process is a simple way to think about some of the risks and it can identify those things that really need to happen and those that are simply irritating thoughts which have prevented you from sleeping.

Back to the Cockroach

This cockroach inspired synthetic heart designed and tested at the moment, it could be on the market by 2012 (this was written in 2009).

It works for the cockroach, which of your firm’s systems would you adopt this principle for? What “redundancy” could you build in?

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