You own a great professional practice and it’s growing well, so much so that you need to rely more and more on the team around you. BUT, that’s where it gets harder. Is it time to think about leadership in your firm, to focus on your skills?

Maybe your team don’t seem to all share the same work ethic as you, sometimes their skills aren’t as good, they don’t all communicate with your clients in the way you would. How will you inspire, motivate, push and most importantly help them so you get more from them?

Improving your leadership skills

Getting more from your firm normally means improving your leadership skills. Download our free guide to help you build your leadership skills. It makes it easy for you to focus on the areas you most need to improve and how to get more from your team. Get them doing what they should be, so you can get on with the part of the practice that you really enjoy. Enter your details below, there’s no obligation, just good, practical help on Leadership for your professional practice.

Other things to help

We work with professionals that run their own firm and help them to get more from their team, relax and enjoy more of their own firm, and create what they set out to build in the first place. People approach us and say things like:

“How can I get my team to change”
“I can’t trust them to get things done”
“They’re great, but have no common sense”
“I have to check everything after they do it”
“It’s easier to do it myself”

If you say anything like that you would benefit from some support. We have created a one off two hour support session to help. We call it your leadership MOT. This session will give you the answers you need, leave you full of great ideas and able to get more from your firm.

Click here to read more about your MOT. 

More free leadership support

If there’s a specific area of leadership that you want to work on, you might like to download from our range of articles in the resource library we have waiting for you. Do you want to focus on:

  • Delegation
  • Recruiting the right person
  • Getting your team meetings so they actually work?

These guides, and more, are waiting in your resource library. They’re free and ready to download now.

Leadership guides, get access now

Huskies in the arctic - is this your leadership style?

Getting the most from your team

  • Delegation: Getting the most from your team can challenging, giving them more responsibility for the way the job is done and describing your ideal outcome helps. Click 3 tips for better delegation
  • Team development: There is only one thing I know about the future – it will be different to today. That fact applies to your clients and therefore the way your firm operates. Helping teams deal with change examines how to get your team to be more accepting of change – that you want.
  • Team meetings: Getting your team together and aligned is one of the best tools you can use to complete your most important role – ensuring your team is becoming ever more productive. Effective regular meetings will help you do just that, click here for ideas to improve team meetings

Becoming a better leader

  • Sharing the vision: As a leader (and you are, even if you think otherwise) you need to inspire your team, your stakeholders and yourself. You have a clear vision for your firm, and sharing it will help you get more from the time you spent creating that vision. Click to read ideas to help share your vision strategy and values
  • Influencing skills: You may like to think that you can tell people what to do and it happens. But the more subtle art of influencing will get more done in the long term. Read How-to-improve-your-influencing-skills will help you develop a powerful skill.
Successful people

The organisation in your practice.

  • Structure and measurement: You have, of course, got a plan for how your organisation will develop and what roles you’ll. You’re filling them as you grow, and you have clear measurement criteria in place for you, and your team. One method 5 key things focus leads to success looks at measurement and ensuring all your team focus on it.
  • Outsourcing is something that many firms struggle with, especially Accountants who often focus on the short term cost to the practice. Releasing your firm from things that aren’t core can allow them to focus on clients and growth. How should I outsource effectively is part of a series of articles that will help you.

Develop your skills from our library – free

The growing your firm library has a great range of articles that will help you improve your leadership skills. There is no catch, no cost and you can start today.

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Written by Jon Baker The 5-50 Coach. I help professionals grow their firms from 5 to 50 employees, sustainably, profitably and still have fun. Have you got your "next step kitbag yet"? It's stuffed with guides, reports & templates helping you grow from 5 to 50 employees Click here for immediate access