Shop shut, office closed, customers can’t access your service? Think now, or lose out.

In the last two days I have seen several small shops shut – with customers outside; yesterday a meeting had to be cut short because people couldn’t get there and one person had to rush off because their staff could not get into the office (keyholder stuck in a four mile traffic jam).

Common factors closing businesses

The common factors were the icy cold weather and the fact that something went wrong. The BBC has picked up on this, “Cold weather ‘threatening small businesses” . In the video blog below I am talking about this, whilst outdoors – so I know it was cold!

The weather is not the only thing that can cause problems; when did you last sit down and consider the top ten things that could cause you major problems; which is a lot more than “my PC doesn’t work”.

Contingency plans?

Do you have a contingency plan in place for each of these, and do other people in the business (and possibly outside it) know of those plans?

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Lastly, and most importantly – when did you test the plans? When did you last run each of them to see if they still work, or that current staff know what to do? Maybe you won’t act on this until the weather returns to normal, but think about the wider issues.

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