I’ve been observing accountants over the last month. There seems to be a split in how they cope with the January SA silly season. There are some (actually pretty smug) accountants who are telling me – ‘silly season? what silly season? Our practice did all our SA tax returns throughout the year’. Then there are, what I suspect may be the more typical small accountancy firm which are stretched to full capacity turning around all the SA tax returns. I know many accountants fall into this second category as they take over 4 months to process my tax return…

January happens every year on this calendar

The great thing about not getting into the trap of a January silly season is it gives you time to market in January and February when most small accountants are not. Plus there are all those minor health benefits of not being stressed out and working 16 hour days to get all the SA tax returns completed.

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However, the problem is you need to educate your clients to get their paperwork to you in plenty of time BEFORE December, if you are going to be able to market your practice in January. How many small accountancy practices are good at doing this?

What’s your thoughts?

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