LinkedIn’s endorsements tool has polarised opinion, what do you think of it? More importantly, have you managed to use it to generate revenue? Whatever you think of LinkedIn endorsements (and many don’t like them), read on to see how to profit from them.

money handed over as a metaphor for LinkedIn endorsements

Is it Facebook-esque dumbing down?

Many people (me included) moan that they get meaningless LinkedIn endorsements from people they don’t even know, turning the whole thing into a pointless charade. Some people have moaned that it’s turned a serious business platform into a competition for “likes” in the way that Facebook is. Do you agree?

What’s the future of LinkedIn endorsements?

LinkedIn want to generate and retain more traffic.  I fail to believe that in the future people with more endorsements won’t start appearing more highly in LinkedIn searches, although I’ve seen no evidence yet. I have a feeling that, despite my prejudices against the system, even I look more favourably upon people with more endorsements. How about you?

But, whatever you think of this new feature, you can profit from it.

How to profit from Linked endorsements.

If you have a clear strategy for using social media, then you can (depending on that strategy) profit from LinkedIn endorsements. Here’s what happened to me, when I stopped moaning about the function and used it.

  1. iPhone to answer your LinkedIn endorsementsIn just under an hour I got in in touch with some of  people who’ve given me my 421 endorsements.
  2. I thanked them and used the opportunity to start a conversation. I did not attempt to “sell” (this is networking, not selling).
  3. Some people didn’t answer, that’s life.
  4. Many answered and did little more than that.
  5. 30% came back, asked after me and about something specific they saw in my profile. That sounds like some good relationships restarting.
  6. I had 6 enquiries about the Social media training group that I run and 4 enquiries into business coaching and how I might be able to help them.

In other words, I got a response rate in excess of one third, reignited some relationships and got a number of sales enquiries – from simply being polite! 

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3 reasons for making use of LinkedIn Endorsements

This is why you need to use LinkedIn endorsements. Also, how you to make them part of your LinkedIn routine.

  1. LinkedIn profile changes has made it harder to show your recommendations. The LinkedIn profile easily shows, at most, 5 recommendations. You want your profile visitors to see more than that.  Endorsements appear in your background section (i.e.  the top of your profile). So this “social proof”  is higher in your profile than your recommendations.
  2. What does your network think you do, and rate you for? One endorsement means nothing at all. But, having a number of endorsements for a skill adds credibility to you and your claims. People will, on the whole, endorse you for things they think you deserve endorsement for (even if they won’t go to the effort of writing a recommendation). LinkedIn endorsements give you some external verification. They also allow you to see what people think you do (great test of your personal brand).
  3. Show your “best side”. I was looking somebody’s profile recently, they are the ‘go-to expert’ for virtual productivity tools.  He didn’t have these skills visible on his profile, so his network was not endorsing him them. There was a disconnect between his reputation and his LinkedIn profile. Focus on this, and align your endorsements with the skills you want to highlight. Then you could highlight your endorsements on your profile.
  4. They allow you to ‘stay-in-touch’ with your network. Endorsing people (for the right reasons) brings you to their attention. One simple (well chosen) click can prompt a conversation, who knows where that can lead?

What is social media for?

If social media is a platform to allow to you to network, then any excuse to help you talk to people is good – why not use it? How have you made use of LinkedIn endorsements?

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Download our guide to profitably using LinkedIn, it's free and waiting for you to download right nowClick here for instant access (email address required).