Is Your Business Card wasting money?

Ever since my first book ‘The FT Guide To Business Networking’ was published I had a copy of the book cover on the back of my business card. It wasn’t an ego thing, it has been a great talking point. Even more importantly – people made really positive comments when I hand it to them.

A month or two ago Jon and I got our cards redesigned (thanks to Angieandco). Does that seem odd, when the old one was working so well?

2 tests for your business card

  1. Take a look at your business card? Breath deeply and smile if it isn’t blank. The back of your business card is valuable real estate, don’t waste it!
  2. Does your business card give you the chance to engage in conversation with people, no really! Do you give something that stands out and will get remembered? As opposed to all the business cards that are just stuffed with marketing copy? Ask yourself, how many times you look at somebody else’s business card, after you met? Probably once, maybe twice? So stuffing it with marketing copy may well be wasted!
If you become “The Go-To” Expert in your field, won’t you get more income? If you are the “Go-To” expert, shouldn’t you have business cards that help you stand out?

What will make your business card memorable?

How about putting a great image on the back of your business card? It has to be an image that others will want to keep and treasure – or keep you memorable.

  • Key models or IP that you use regularly with clients. When you are talking to prospects you can give them a business card with the model you are talking them through, rather than drawing it on a napkin! A card like this often gets kept as the other person keeps it in their wallet to remind of the model at a later date.
  • Images which link to stories which you tell in keynote speech or presentation. I use these instead of workbooks for workshops – after all, who actually looks at a workbook after the workshop is over? The image on the back of my business cards, actually prompts me to tell the story that they are linked to – and helps to make me and my business card just slightly more memorable.

How do you make your business card help you become just that little bit more memorable?

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