If you feel out of control you, like me, probably don’t perform as well. So, what happens when your staff feel out of control? Your performance reduces!Dealing with change, when everything is foggy

If you accept the tenet that your role as a leader is about change and nothing else, it is helpful if you consider what can make your staff dislike change. Things like losing some/ all of their:

This article is about how you can help your team deal with the third of those.

Change and the need to be in control.

In talking about control I don’t mean that everybody wants in be in charge, but the opposite to being out of control. Have you ever had that out of control feeling, can you remember how disconcerting it can be? I could go on for longer about not knowing what’s happening at the moment to my house, being unable to control when I can move back there; but I could also think of the times when bosses of mine have been constantly changing their minds and how it’s left me feeling totally out of control of my situation. It’s a big reason for people to not like change!

How can you help people feel in control?

  • Communication is a big one here, if they know what’s happening around them.
  • Consistency, so they can process where they are
  • Engagement, so that they can explore issues with you
  • Allowing them to control the parts of the issues that you don’t need to
  • Involving a wider range of people, so they can talk to others besides you

What’s your experience, have you found it more difficult to be motivated when you don’t know feel in control?

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