In your role you need to manage people, which implies leading them through times of change. It could be said that a leader’s role is change and nothing else.

Your staff will feel uncomfortable with any changes you propose to them if they lose any/ all of their:

This article is about how you can help your team deal with the fifth of those.

Leadership, change and “can-do”

If people don’t know how to do what you want they will feel uncomfortable. If they are not totally sure what you want of them, or can’t relate to it, they won’t have and “can-do” when it relates to doing what you want of them.

So helping them see what they need to do, that they “can-do”, and how to do it in their new roles and through the passage of change is essential.

Have you ever lost your “can-do”?

I remember well the time when I learnt to sky dive, try as I might it took a long time before I could translate the theory into something which my body could turn into success – very frustrating. Have you come across something similar, first time you drove a car, used a new machine, or had to face a big argument with your husband / wife? What does frustration feel like, other than wanting to scream, shout and block out any more sounds – you want to but you can’t do it…..

Remember that change can be frustrating too, which can reduce the feeling that they can-do.

What can you do to help with their “can do confidence”

Lastly don’t forget that change and trust are linked. You are a leader and you are about to lead them somewhere new, they need to trust you.

What’s your experience, have you found it more difficult to be motivated when you don’t know how you “can-do” your tasks?

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