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The next step in growing your firm

Where will you start?

Your library has sections on all the areas you need to help grow your practice. The reports in it are based on things that our clients have found most useful. The sections include:

Get the most from your team

  • Delegation:Getting the most from your team can be a challenge, yet effective delegation is often misunderstood. Giving them more responsibility for the way the job is done and your describing the end result will help.
  • Team development: Helping you develop your team and be ready for the future
  • Team meetings: Getting your team all pulling together is your most important role – ensuring your team becomes ever more productive.

Leading your firm

  • Sharing the vision: As a leader (and you are, even if you think otherwise) you need to inspire your team, your stakeholders and yourself. You have a clear vision for your firm, and sharing it will help you get more from the time you spent creating that vision.
  • Influencing skills: You may like to think that you can tell people what to do and it happens. But the more subtle art of influencing will get more done in the long term.

Growing your firm

  • Marketing: What’s the best way to market your firm, and what are the practical steps to going about it?
  • Sales: How can you convert more, of the right, clients?
  • Strategy: Helping you create a focus on you and what you want from your firm, then how to get there.

Continuously developing your firm - Our recommended reading list

The business world never stands still and we must all be constantly learning and appraising new ideas. Personal development is possibly one of the most important journeys there is. We include great books for clients in some of our coaching programmes and they tell us that these are really worth reading. Start today, simply click on the book to purchase it from Amazon and start reading them within a couple of days.