What do your words mean to your team?

I recently heard that the famous phrase “finger licking good” was translated into Chinese for helping to sell product into China. The company later realised that the translated version meant “Eat your fingers off”.

When I finished laughing it made me think; how does what I say get misunderstood?

What do your words mean to your team?

When I say “team”, also think about those you network with, sell to, influence etc.

The meaning of communication is what the other party understands or, more importantly, do as a result.

So, take action….

Good articles are a waste of time reading, unless you do something!

  • Think carefully about what you want people to do and use the right words!
  • If the reactions are not as expected, check the understanding
  • If people look bemused or confused, ask for feedback
  • Adjust the words you use as needed.

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What are your favourite common misunderstandings? I’d love to increase my list 🙂

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