Of course you make decisions, but have you ever thought about decision making models that will help you make better decisions, more easily? Many small firms struggle with is “the boss’s” (you) decision making. How could you be more effective? There are some simple models to improve your decisions, here’s three of my favourite decision making models.

Coins- great decision making models

3 simple decision making models

These decision making models will help you make better decisions

  1. Flip a coin. Then notice your first reaction. If you find yourself thinking “best of three”, then it landed on the “wrong” choice, realise this and decide.
  2. Role-play. Let each person or thing represent a different aspect of the decision. What does each perspective have to say? More on this below…
  3. Do something else. When you quiet your mind, the answer may well come to you.

The big three decision making problems

Those three ideas can help with two of the big three things that can go wrong with decisions

  1. procrastination
  2. getting enough inputs
  3. dealing with risk.

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Role play on your own!

Role play works really well if you have a couple of other people that can join in. However, it can be powerful if you are on your own!

  1. Who are the two people that would have different views on the decision?
  2. Sitting where you are think about it from your point of view, speak to “the other person, sitting on the chair next to you”, for no more than 30 seconds. Note anything you learned.
  3. Physically stand up, sit into the other persons chair and think from their point of view. How would they respond? Note anything you learned.
  4. Physically stand up, stand in front of the two chairs; think as if you were a neutral observer. What have you observed? What can you learn from it.
  5. Sit back into “your” chair, consider the learnings (yes it does work better if you physically move, that is an important part of it).

Download our guide to decision making, it's free and waiting for you to download right nowClick here for instant access (email address required).

The big secret in decision making

Like so many other areas of your firm, the big secret is nothing I’ve already told you (you already know it, right?). The big secret is DO IT! What will help you implement your decision making.

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