Have you ever delayed giving staff feedback, to see things get worse?

Many people avoid or delay “confronting” the person, only to see things get worse. They then get more annoyed, tempers get lost and things really do get worse! If you’ve ever wanted to give feedback that changes staff behaviour and improves performance, read on….

Giving contructive staff feedback

5 tips to improve constructive feedback

  1. Timely; it needs to be as soon as possible.
  2. Self assessment; get them to look at their own performance.
  3. Specifics: Focus on specific facts, not generalities and remember you are doing this out of respect.
  4. Positive AND negative; give praise and correction; positive reinforcement is a powerful tool.
  5. Develop action plans; what will they do following the discussion.

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There is never a time as good as NOW to start changing things to be the way you want them. In fact, if you’re putting it off you should probably admit to yourself that it’s not going to happen.

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