Catalyst to grow: The Business Growth Forum

Do you want support and help to grow your firm to new heights?

The Catalyst Programme will provide support, knowledge, accountability, inspiration and ideas for you to change your firm.

Aiguille du Midi as a metaphor for growing your firm to new heights with Catalyst

Who is this programme for?

Catalyst has been specially designed for ambitious owners of very small businesses. It’s a coaching programme where you participate once a fortnight, getting elements of support that larger firms normally pay a lot more money for. However, by designing it with your needs in mind we’ve kept the price low by creating a group coaching programme.

Catalyst to grow is the business growth forum for business owners that are keen to grow their firm and are prepared to commit to a six month coaching programme and change their behaviours to generate their success.

How will it help you?

You run your own firm and know that you can grow it, but perhaps you get frustrated when things don’t always go the way you planned?

Do you ever worry that you are not quite sure what the next step should be and wonder how you can get things to work better?

Do you ever worry about where you can get enough new business, let alone the motivation to keep going back out there?

 “The results have been overwhelmingly positive: Even though I haven’t actually completed all my actions yet, just having them in my mind has led to me working better and smarter – without really noticing. I can thoroughly recommend Jon. He has a rare talent for coaching business owners to success.” Angela Sherman, Care to be Different.

Have you ever found that:

  • Dealing with conflict at work. Is it like this angry man?You need more leads and sales?
  • You don’t have enough hours in your day?
  • It’s lonely without people to discuss business?
  • You want a practical plan to show where you’re going?
  • You’d like a sounding board where you can discuss your ideas?
  • Running your own firm can be frustrating and it should be easier?
If you want to improve your firm and increase your profit, join Catalyst to growClick here and arrange a 15 minute conversation to talk about how membership will help you.

If you own a firm and you would like some help, support, inspiration, to work with people that understand you, new ideas, peer support, maybe the occasional kick up the backside and most importantly some fun…register-now.

What does Catalyst to grow give you?

Winning is great

  1. Accountability to act, not just think
  2. Two training meetings every month
  3. A chance to put the fun back into business
  4. Peer support from others who face similar challenges
  5. A business coach focusing you on your growth plans
  6. Systems that have helped our clients double their profits
  7. High quality training on the key strategies that will help you
  8. A structured programme of business education at fortnightly meetings

You choose the appropriate actions for your business; then nicely and patiently, you get held accountable to complete your actions – and that really helps. Ben VonBroembsen, Cirrus Tech

What happens when I click register now?

You’ll be offered some suitable times for a no obligation short phone call. We want  to understand what you’re looking for and check that the chemistry is right between you and your coach. You will want to know a bit more about the programme and the other business owners that will be in your group.

We will also want to fit you into a group that will work for you, each group has no more than 6 members, to ensure you are able to get plenty of time on your issues.  What’s more we will ensure that there is only one person for any business sector in a group, so you can talk to your group members in complete confidence.

If you want to improve your firm and increase your profit, join Catalyst to grow. Click here and arrange a 15 minute conversation to talk about how membership will help you.

What’s in the structured programme?

Catalyst to grow has a structured education programme designed to solve the problems of running a small firm. The programme covers:

  • Lead generation strategy – how to make sure that leads are being systemically generated for your firm
  • How to define and implement a successful sales process for your firm
  • Networking strategy and planning – how to use social media and networking to get the right sort of leads and prospects for your firm
  • Sales monitoring system – how to make sure you never miss a lead or let a prospect go waiting
  • Your own dynamic business plan – how to give you the long-term clarity and focus for you and your firm
  • How to link short and long term actions
  • Personalised Time management strategy, so you increase your personal utilisation
  • Time management planner
  • Accountability to DO not think
  • How to perfect your elevator pitch
  • Know how to use your PIN code
  • Strategies to get your business moving
  • Your own unique buying point
  •  How to focus your marketing
  • A different Sales message to others
  • Sales scripts covering key objections
  • Tactics to deal with sales objections
  • How to build a guarantee to help you sell more
  •  How to fill the gaps in your pipeline
  • Benefits and Features – sorted
  • Methods for lead Generation
  • Know how drive your profit equation
  •  Understanding of your conversion rate
  • Expert Guidance from people with this experience

But, each meeting is more than just the programme above. There is plenty of time to discuss the issues that you face and get support and advice on them. So, you will come away from every meeting with actions to take your business forwards, that you commit to.

Regular meetings and learning in a supportive environment, with feedback from other members has really helped me get my strategy in place and develop my business. Peter Moorhead, Celebrate

What will it cost?

Get six months of action focused learning in fortnightly web seminars

for only £150 per month (ex VAT)

OR – pay in advance and save more than 10%, pay only £790 (ex VAT).

this whole process has been invaluable in helping me streamline and simplify the business, and achieve more as a result. ” Angela Sherman, Care to be Different.

Don’t forget the simple guarantee:

If after 6 months of learning, attending, and working on your commitments your extra sales don’t exceed what you paid, we give you your money back. It’s that simple.

If you want to improve your firm and increase your profit, join Catalyst to grow. Click here and arrange a 15 minute conversation to talk about how membership will help you.