Have you ever watched a couple of people chatting, when one becomes gradually more rigid and you know, despite not being able to hear what they’re saying, that he is no long er interested? I saw it the other day as the person talking moved from being animated to pointing in a much more aggressive style. Much more communication comes from body language than from the words we say, yet many people don’t think about their body language.Ice warrior from Dr Who. An example of scary body language

As a child, the scariest of all the Dr Who Monsters were the Ice Warriors. Their towering presence, the slow, ponderous words they spoke, that seemed laced with a venom dripping from their mouths – but most of all their movements. The way they moved seemed to be threatening.

What was the scariest Dr Who monster for you? Perhaps the famous Daleks, or Cybermen, again they had a cold way of moving which seemed to strengthen their evil intent. In one 1970’s series, “The Robots of Death”, the Dr’s assistant spoke of creepy mechanical men who gave nothing away, their body language was wrong.Daleks have no helpful body language

That’s when it first hit me, just by moving different or standing differently you could become more frightening, or more pleasing. I didn’t know it was called body language at that time.

What is your body saying?

Effective communication is vital to succeed, no matter what you do. The words you say and how you speak with your body are linked. Research shows people understand us by interpreting these different elements in different proportions.

  • VERBAL: 7% of our message is interpreted from the words we use.
  • VOCAL: 38% is picked up from our voice – speed, tone, pitch, rhythm etc
  • VISUAL: 55% is what the other person sees – our body language

3 tips to ensure your body language says what you want.

  1. Be more aware of other people’s body language. You can normally tell what others are feeling by the way that they are moving and using their body too. You can use this to your advantage when you are more aware of it.
  2. First impressions count. When you are going to meet people for the first time, think what first impression you want to give them. A smiling face, a good remark, etc.
  3. Walk tall with your head and shoulders back. Walk at a brisk pace. Not only does it make you look more confident and authoritative, you’ll feel it too!

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Do you have other examples of body language that you would share, who has scared (or delighted) you because of their body language?

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