The chances are you have, or do, build extra cost into your firm. These extra costs can often be reduced by better delegation. Here are two thoughts, you can put into practice, on better delegation.

Better delegation on this tube train

Revelations on a train

I stood on the London Underground, gazing lazily out of the door and then it hit me! What a waste of money that had been, it made me think of how many business owners  lose money when they ask for something to be done (that’s poor delegation).

A few years ago I was told of a new feature on tube trains and how this would be great for passengers. The ability to only open doors when you wanted had been specially designed in. The trouble is the doors still all automatically open! What a waste of money, because something was over specified.

Dangerous delegation

Think carefully about how you delegate and what you ask the person to do. At this point of the delegation process It’s easy to over, or under, specify.

Where delegation wastes money

Hands up (including mine), who’s spent so long telling somebody what we want in great detail, then added some extra bits that we probably wouldn’t have done if we did the job ourselves? Oops, wasting money?

Where delegation loses money

I’ll sit on my hands this time, perhaps you’ve done this one too. With such a clear vision of the end result, you’ve spoken to somebody really capable of doing the job, and given them clear instructions. Only the instructions were in such summary form that they said yes, without knowing what you want?

Better delegation

Better delegation means you need to focus on results, rather than how  to do the job. This focus is a key principle to better delegation Click here for 1 more simple delegation tip

What examples of better delegation have you seen?

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