The Advisor Academy: From compliance to advisory

Creating the profitable future of your practice

Do you worry that compliance work is becoming less profitable and more commoditised? Do you worry your income stream is under threat from cheaper competitors, automation and outsourcing?

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Unlock the secrets of becoming an advisory led practice, and increase your average fee, GRF and profit. Creating an additional revenue stream for your firm has never been more important.

The next programme starts on June 14th.








Reserve your space by making an appointment to discuss your needs and answer your questions.

The Advisor Academy.

The accountants who attended the Academy all enjoyed a significant upturn in fee income, and said how much more they are enjoying running their practice. One of our Academy graduates won, in a 4-month period, nearly £100k of new fees as a result of attending the Academy.

As well as more enjoyment from running their practice our graduates report their confidence has gone through the roof, which has allowed them to ask for, and get, charge out rates of £300+ per hour.

The Academy experience, especially the peer-to-peer support and accountability, was so valuable to our first graduates that they asked for their Academy experience to be extended so they could keep meeting in 2017.

With practices now being valued more on a multiplier based on profit than GRF, isn’t it time that you took the plunge and added in advisory services?

On the Academy, supported by your peers and their experiences, you will learn how to transform your small practice from a compliance based firm into a forward thinking, more profitable, advisory led firm that’s more resilient to changes in the profession, gives more value to clients and can command higher fees.

This six month programme consists of six one day group training sessions, and six months of one to one coaching with Accounting specialist coaches Heather Townsend and Jon Baker.

On the programme you will gain the confidence to make the changes to your practice, as well as putting your newly learnt skills into practice. What’s more you will be reporting back to the group every month on how you’ve been doing, to ensure that you put all your new skills into practice.


The peer support has been a fantastic part of the programme, it has helped to implement changes far more quickly.

Sian Kelly

Inform Accounting

Your investment

Your investment for the six month programme, covers your six days of intensive training, six hours of one to one coaching with industry experts, six evening sessions over dinner with your peers, meals, overnight accommodation, and refreshments.

By the end you will have started to use you new skills and knowledge and have become a great coach with skills for your firm’s future..

Your investment for this six month programme is £750 per month (plus VAT).

What you will get:

You will get a roadmap to your transformed firm, somebody to hold your hand and support from other Accountants who are facing the same issues as you.

This journey will significantly increase the capital value of your firm and increase net profit margins, and enhance your personal enjoyment of running your own practice.

Over your six month programme you will gain:

  • Advanced communication and coaching skills to help move your clients to action by having a deeper understanding of them and their business
  • Expert facilitation skills to help you facilitate client meetings, including their board meetings, so they take action, get real results and sing your praises and highly value your advice
  • The ability to add an incremental and highly profitable extra revenue stream by selling and running your own mastermind groups for clients.
  • Powerful business planning and analysis techniques, as well as scripts and checklists so you and your team can run them for clients

In addition you will learn how to market your practice and change the way your team work, so you have advisory clients in place by the end of the programme.

As a result of the clarity, confidence and vision the Academy helped me achieve, whilst on the academy, I increased my turnover by a third, and added £93k of new fees.

Guy Robinson

Owner, Xebra Accounting

The programme was amazing and inspirational. As a result I’ve driven through changes and dramatically improved net profitability. In the last month of the academy, I added a large amount of new client fees using the new advisory skills I had learnt.

Paul Miller

Owner, Cornish Accounting Solutions

What’s included in the programme?

  • Access to the Advisory Tool kit, which is worth £999
  • 6 days of market-leading workshops, designed and delivered by 2 experts in their field, worth £3,000
  • 6 x 1 hour coaching calls, worth £1,800
  • A mastermind session over dinner (in an award-winning restaurant) each evening before the workshop starts, worth £1,800
  • Unlimited telephone and email support from your coaching on the programme, worth £500
  • A physical copy of The Go-To Expert, worth £22
  • All accommodation and meals whilst you are attending the Academy, worth £1,200
    • Delegates will be booked in to stay at Flitwick Manor (subject to availability) which is a stunning 4-star hotel and boasts 2 AA rosettes for the quality of its food

What’s included in the Advisor’s Toolkit?

  • Business planning tools, with full instructions, scripts and checklists to be able to use them, including The One Page Business Plan, The STAGe model, The PAGE model, Stakeholder Mapping, SWOT analysis, STEEPLED analysis and more…
  • Business analysis tools, with full instructions and checklists to be able to use them, including Fishbone Diagram, SWOT analysis, STEEPLED analysis, Client Matrix, Forcefield Analysis and more…
  • Scripts, meeting plans and checklists to run a cashflow improvement, profit improvement session
  • Meeting plans, scripts and checklists to run a business development meeting with a new prospect, existing client who you want to upsell a coaching relationship to, and many more of these
  • Personal productivity tools, with full instructions to use, such as The Red/Black/Blue model, the Rocks model
  • Role descriptions for key roles in an advisory-led firm

I’ve improved my profitability before even finishing the programme. What I’ve learned and the support I’ve had to implement it has been amazing. I would advise any other small firm to sign up now, but only if they want to be challenged to change their firm and their future.

Sharon Pocock

Kinder Pocock Chartered Accountants

The detail of what you’re signing up for

To reserve your space on the next Advisory Academy you need to arrange a short interview, where we can discuss your needs, answer your questions and set up your payment plan.

You will need to keep the following dates free, as the workshops will be running on:

14th/ 15th June: Your academy programme starts with a superb dinner where you’ll meet your peers, the work will begin that evening as you get ready for the next day. The next day is all about transforming the way you interact with clients, as you learn coaching skills and how they make a difference to client relationships.

12th/ 13th July: Day two starts a mastermind session (over another great dinner) to review how you’re getting on. The next morning we move straight into helping you improve your facilitation skills and finding the time to implement all of your plans. You’ll end the day with the skills to start running your own mastermind groups.

26th/ 27th September: Your third session starts with another evening mastermind, where you’ll be examining (over a delicious meal) your progress to date and being held accountable by your peers. Throughout the next day we will be working on your marketing skills and helping you to change the way your grow your firm. This also equips you with the skills to ensure your’re charging the right fees for your advisory clients and how to make your marketing more effective.

17th/ 18th October: The fourth session is about business planning and transformation. The session starts with an evening mastermind meeting, so you’re ready to learn first thing the next morning. Then we will introduce a number of techniques that you will be able to use on your clients; but before then you will be working on transforming your own practice.

28th/ 29th November: Business transformation. We will be digging deeper into the skills you will need to transform your client’s/ companies; starting by helping you change the way you run your firm.

6th/ 7th February: The final session starts with a mastermind session, before you start bring the whole programme into even more focus.


Your evening meals and lunches are included in the cost of your programme. The cost of overnight accommodation is included at Flitwick Manor where we will be meeting for dinner.

In between every session you will receive a one to one coaching session with your coach, ensuring that you are getting the maximum possible from the programme, and putting it into practice.

To ensure you get the best possible outcome there are only 10 places available in the class, so sign up today.


I joined so I could develop my practice, get more advisory work, and really understand how coaching will help me, and my clients. Four months into the programme it’s working, I have a clear roadmap in place, and I already am coaching clients.

Guy Robinson

Xebra Accounting

Guiding you through your programme

Every step of the way in your programme you will be guided by one of two coaches who specialise in working with Accountants.

Heather Townsend

Heather Townsend is an expert at helping clients market and sell themselves, just the skills you need as your grow your firm and make it ready for the future. She is the author of 4 books “How to make partner and still have a life”, “The Go-To Expert”, “Partnership Potential” and “The FT guide to Business Networking”. Her books have sold 20,000 copies globally.

Jon Baker

Jon Baker

Jon Baker helps professionals, like you, grow their firms from 5 to 50 employees – and do it sustainably, profitably, and whilst enjoying the ride. Jon’s worked with thousands of people in the accountancy and legal professions – from small to large practices. Most of his time is spent working one-to-one with owners of small firms, helping them improve their sales and leadership skills.