Jon Baker

Jon Baker, Business CoachHi, I’m Jon Baker. I help professionals grow their firms from 5 to 50 employees, profitably, sustainably and without losing their souls (OK, I think it’s important to enjoy your work; hence why our office is based in a country park – see photos at the bottom of this page).

Since moving from the corporate sector I’ve trained and coached over a thousand professionals and business owners. They include small businesses, as well as professional practices and larger firms.

I spend most of my time working on a one to one basis with professionals that run their own firms. That also involves me helping train their staff to improve sales, marketing and leadership skills. I have a simple view in life, training (or coaching) is a waste of time! It’s a waste unless it’s improving the firm, in practice. The feedback I get says that I achieve this.

I’m known for often having a quirky point of view, which comes across in my business growth blogs. You can read them here, or in regular articles on Business Zone, AccountingWeb and Defero Law.

I am the co-author of The Go-To Expert (published by FT in 21014), with Heather Townsend. and am writing ‘The Next Step: Growing your Business from 5 to 50 employees’, the many obstacles en-route may become the subject for my second book!

As well as having an MBA and coaching diplomas, I’m an NLP Master Practitioner. I love learning, when it’s for a practical reason, and sharing that learning.

Contact me, if you want somebody that can help you:

  • Develop your leadership, sales and marketing skills so you grow your firm.
  • Develop the skills and more importantly the results you get from your leadership team.
  • Build your client portfolio, focusing especially on referrals from networking and social media.

To connect with me:

Jon Baker – at play work ….(which is as often as possible)

Jon Baker's photo of Jelly fish

As I said earlier I believe in fun and a balanced approach to life and work. That means life, not work, whenever possible. I enjoy spending my time underwater, or up mountains.

I’m Scuba Diving most weekends, playing with jellyfish somewhere between the Arctic Circle and New Zealand (normally in the UK). I’m also a qualified diving instructor.

Jon Baker's photo of Machu Picchu
I also enjoy hiking, recently completed the Inca Trail and now planning a trip to Everest base camp.

I’m now reacquainting myself with my camera, having not really touched it for several years. So excuse me for not showing you all the results…just yet. I love our office in the middle of a 60 acre country park, as it gives me a place to play, some of the country park pictures are below.

The lessons and laughter I have while spending time on my hobbies often gets linked to my business development experience in presentations.  I strongly believe in analogy and metaphor when trying to get a point across,  although not as strongly as I believe that interaction and laughter is key to any learning experience.

Do let’s catch up, book a slot in my diary (click here) and we can talk.

Trees in the water

Tom-Pot Blenny in the English Channel