Jon Baker

I’mJon Baker, Business Coach Jon, I help professionals like you grow their firms from 5 to 50 employees – and do it sustainably, profitably, and whilst enjoying the ride.  I think it’s really important not to sacrifice your soul to your work – read on for how I walk this talk!

I’ve worked with thousands of people in the accountancy and legal professions – from small businesses to large practices.  Most of the time, I work one-to-one with owners of small firms, helping them improve their sales and marketing as well as their leadership skills.

I might not be what you expect from a business coach. I am on record for saying that coaching and training are a waste of time – unless they make a difference. (I love learning – but it has to have a practical purpose for me). My business blog is well known for its quirky take on accepted business practice.

I also write for Business Zone, and AccountingWeb, and DeferoLaw, and I co-authored The Go-To Expert with Heather Townsend. I am currently working on a new book: The Next Step – Growing Your Firm From 5 to 50 Employees.

As well as being an MBA, I am a Master in NLP and have more than 30 years’ experience of managing, training, and leadership in business.

Grow your firm, develop your team, and build your client portfolio

Get in touch with me via this website, or on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+.

You can also call me on +44 (0) 1234 480123 or book a 20 minute phone call in my online diary.

What about the fun that I promised?

Well, I don’t to live to work – I don’t think anyone should. My aim is to get you to a place where you can enjoy the benefits of a successful professional practice without being chained to the office.

I spend most weekends underwater, scuba diving anywhere from the oceans in the Arctic to New Zealand.  I am also a diving instructor (learning with a purpose again!)

Our offices are in the middle of a 60 acre country park – marvellous for clearing out mental cobwebs, and a great place for me to pick up my camera again after many years of disuse.

My out-of-work life appears a lot in my writing and presentations – I love metaphor and storytelling to get a point across. Some of the best parts of my work are seeing the audience laugh at my tales whilst nodding and making notes as a realisation sinks in.

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