Time management needs this Tardis, or a default diaryHow the default diary could help dress down Friday  dress up your firm.

This is taken from real life client stories (as are most of our articles) and it made me smile so much I had to write about it.

Two clients recently adopted it as a great example of Leadership in action saving time, improving profits and developing the team.

Is this a problem you have?

You would LOVE to spend time reviewing client work, building in a better and more proactive service and also developing key members of your team? But, faced with the inevitable day to day needs of the business, it drops down to being something that’s important – but not critical. The result….it doesn’t happen.

The default diary

I often talk about the default diary, which is a great tool for apportioning out your time across a week and giving you time to focus on things other than the day to day needs. If you haven’t read about the default diary or time blocks, try one of those two links for an article about them. Many people also liked you don’t have to be run ragged to be successful

It can help you to ensure you apportion time for the strategically important, but less urgent tasks. The trouble is keeping your promises to yourself.

Client free day default days

The aim was to put aside a day a week for client development, internal development, training and strategic matters (working “on the business”), but they weren’t doing it.  Then they made one simple change in policy – dress down Friday.

Now they can’t meet clients on a Friday as the office is populated by less well dressed people (I don’t know how scruffy as I’m not allowed to see!), meaning they do the essential strategic work. What’s more client service has improved and they are getting more done.

You may like to read “4-tips-to-improve-your-your-time-management” and download our full guide to the default diary, it's free and waiting for you to download right nowClick here for instant access (email address required).

What strange tricks do you have to manage your time? I’d love to hear about them, please leave a comment.

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