You may be good at what you do, but what makes somebody buy  your services? How do your prospects know that you’re good? There are many ideas, most are variations on:

I could talk about each of these for a long time and each has some merits (click on some of the points above you’ll see I’ve already written about some of them). But, that is not the whole story.

Educate don't sell. Sale signs don't really help

Are you any good at what you do?

There is one thing which always amazes me, when people tell me that they’re the best, or better than, or brilliant, or higher quality than… the competition. As if anybody would say anything else! Can you imagine going into a garage where they said:

we quite often forget to tighten up all the wheel nuts”,

 or the airline who says:

we only check the plane every third flight”

Are your client’s experts?

If your clients are really knowledgeable about what you do, that’s good. If your prospects are know a lot that’s even better. Why? They will be able to recognise your expertise and therefore want to buy from you.

They will see the reality of your offering and immediately be able to tell it apart from your competitors. They will be able to recognise that your competitors are not the best, despite their claims. Then they will buy from you. That’s why you need to educate, don’t sell.

Now get real.

Be honest with yourself –life is not like that! Your prospects are, by and large, not experts in your profession. They may not take everything at face value, but as they’re not experts they can only go on what they’re told. Who is it that tells them? If it’s not you, then they either learn from a friend, or they have only one way to tell you apart from your competition.

Do you shoot yourself in the foot?

If you’re making the same claims as everybody else, despite being way better than them; your prospect has no way to tell you apart from the others and it’s your fault. It’s your fault as you used the words meaning “we’re the best”.

If everybody is saying “we’re the best”, your prospect cannot differentiate on the basis of quality. They have to choose between all their potential suppliers and in the end will use a differentiator that they do understand. You probably don’t want them differentiating on price!

Educate, don’t sell: 3 ideas ensure your prospect KNOW’s you’re best

  1. Learn: What is it about your service which is better and why should that matter to the prospect?
  2. Educate: How can you differentiate your service, by teaching them the differences? That’s why educating is better than selling. Click here if you want a coaching example, but I’m sure you get the idea.
  3. Testimony: What specific things do your clients say that back up some of your statements?

How can you start educating all of your prospects what really makes a difference in your profession? The rest they’ll work out.

You can read more about differentiation in sell-more-because-of-a-levels-results and if you’ve ever got really riled by your local competitor when networking, you’ll enjoy 9-smart-tips-to-ensure-you-sell-more-than-your-nemesis-when-networking

Your role becomes one of educating your prospects about what good standards are in your profession, your testimonials prove that you do that best practice and your prospect makes an informed (not price) choice.

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How might you “educate, don’t sell” to your prospects ? It really works

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