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Sometimes we need help with the next step

Is this you?
You started your professional practice to do more of what you love, but it is tough developing a firm that will get you a personal take home of £150k.

Client demands, growing workloads, and perhaps your team frustrate you with their lack of improvement? Even worse is at home, as your loved ones beg you to turn off the laptop in the evening?

You’ve done well growing your firm, but now need help with the next step. You want to develop a reliable, predictable marketing system, dealing with the challenges of leading a growing team, and implementing your expansion plans. Click to read more on how we could help.

What help do you need?
If you want help building a reliable and predictable marketing system which fuels the firm’s growth, you would benefit from the support we’ve given to other firms like yours.

Perhaps you need help dealing with the headaches of leading your firm and not getting pulled back into the daily grind by getting your team to do what you think they should. If so you are not alone, we have helped hundreds with getting their team to work for them.

Perhaps it’s about signing up more clients, more easily? Now you have more staff, does it feel like you are responsible for feeding more mouths and the pressure to get more fees is growing?  We can help, click to for business development ideas and how we can help

How we help you grow your firm.
We coach you, the firm’s owner, to improve your firm so you are more in control, relax more and get more of what you wanted when you started your firm.

For most professionals that’s income, but many of our clients want to be able to step further back from the day to day operation and enjoy running their firm again.

You started your professional practice to do more of what you love, it is time to achieve that again.

We will work with you on the systems, and developing the skills (your’s and your team’s) so you grow and don’t need our support. A mixture of inspirational one to one planning sessions, accountability calls, skill development sessions and perhaps directly training your team too.

What should you do now?
If you know you’d like some help and are ready to get on with the challenge of really growing your firm, the next step is to talk to us about an MOT. Your MOT is a meeting where you will discover the real issues you need to work on. You will walk away with total clarity on the steps you need to take, and know what to do. Click to learn more about what’s in your MOT.

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