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Growing your firm


What really winds you up?

You’re growing your small professional practice and at times it can be really frustrating, there are some things guaranteed to wind you up, where others make you smile. Here are 5 solutions to the most annoying things in modern small professional practice. What winds the country up? Alison Lynch wrote an article in The Metro, which made me […]

Is adoption of social media the problem, or is it relationship management?

Recently I have been asked to talk to a few firms about their social media. The trouble is that it soon becomes clear the problem isn’t social media! OK, I could deliver them and ‘advanced LinkedIn course’ and they would feel good. We could develop a social media strategy and that might appear to be […]

Leading your team


What does “authentic” mean and why should you care?

“Being authentic” seems to be a great buzz phrase of the moment, applied to professionals, business owners, speakers, networkers, and leaders; but what does being authentic mean, should you bother and does it affect your firm’s performance?   What does being authentic mean? So I hear many professionals worry about the need to “be authentic”, […]

11 Ways of dealing with difficult people

Dealing with difficult people can be…well difficult! Do you avoid them and treads on eggshells, or do you barge right in and inflame the situation? Perhaps it’s one of your team who is permanently angry, or it may even be that they are in a really foul mood today and it’s disrupting the rest of […]

Your strategy


When Strategic decision making comes unstuck

How many firms have you seen that don’t appear to act in a coherent way, apparently changing direction and not achieving all they should? Is it simply their strategic decision making that is faulty? Did you recently read about BT’s purchase of EE? Did you wonder why they ever sold their original mobile business? In 1985 […]