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Recruitment tips have they got a pulse

5 recruitment tips to avoid the nightmare of finding new staff.

Many firms struggle with recruiting staff; more specifically they struggle finding good staff, at the right level. Yet most don’t think about a few simple ideas, which can really help find and recruit the right staff. So here are 5 recruitment tips to get you better  staff. The optimum qualification for a job in your […]

Goals and lots of them! Goals suck, success habits are more important

Why goals suck.

One of the biggest myths around is that goals are your key to success. That success may be about personal development or your firm; but goals do not mean you will be successful, even if they’re well written and really meaningful to you. Developing the right success habits will make the difference. Four reasons that goals are […]

LinkedIn tips: Personalising it to get more business

5 LinkedIn tips to really annoy your contacts, so they ignore you

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal; like a canon it might not win the war, but can really make a difference! Unfortunately many people running their own firm seem to get it very wrong! Here are 5 LinkedIn tips, if you want to really annoy your contacts and get them to ignore […]

3 steps to building an internal coaching culture in your firm

In yesterday’s post, I looked at how to get value for money from what you spend on training in your firm. Using coaching is a great way to enhance: learning on the job time-effective development fee earners turning theory into practice sustainable behavioural change However, many of you would be wary about either bringing in external coaches […]