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Growing your firm

Why aren’t your prospective clients signing up?

Imagine that client, not that one – the “nearly client”. Yes, that one, the one that hasn’t yet signed up. You know she needs your help, you know you can help her, but she STILL hasn’t signed up. Here are 9 tips to get more clients to the finish line. What’s happening to her? As a […]

Leading your team


How to effortlessly lose clients

It’s possible that “you’re not listening to me” may be a comedy statement. But it would be wrong to suggest that not listening is a problem that exists in domestic situations only. Not listening in your firm can lead to lost clients, lost productivity, lost staff and additional stress. How bad can not listening become? […]

collapsed after celebrating new year resolution

Are weekend partner’s meetings fool-hardy or just good business practice?

What other industry, other than professional services, expects its board members and senior managers to meet regularly outside of work time, often after work or at the weekend? Within the professions, we expect (actually demand) high levels of commitment during the week from our employees and partners. Surely it’s time that someone within the industry realised […]

Your strategy

Dont put your dreams on hold sm

Why you’re not getting what you want from your firm.

One of the important steps that many professionals don’t take as they develop their business is to have a powerful vision of their success (no, not a series of numbers) and to “start with the end in mind”. A recent trip to Snowdonia reminded me of what’s important and why having a powerful vision can be […]

The budget - a business plan?

A budget is NOT a business plan!

Watching the Chancellor strut his stuff recently sparked several debates about the tax implications and impact of growing a small professional firm and potential impacts on small businesses. It also created an interested discussion about business planning and how many professional firms don’t have a useful business plan! The ability of some firms to be […]