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5 top tips to help build your self motivation

If you are suffering from a lack of personal motivation in your business and you need some expert advice & simple strategies then read on.

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Professionalpractice – a client service game of PokemonGo?

Have you heard about Pokemon Go recently? If so, did it make you wonder what can your small firm learn from this phenomenon? This article has ideas on how you can improve your firm, based on the Pokemon Go phenomenon. What is Pokemon Go? Pictures of children walking...
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Why do people think accountants are boring?

Have you ever felt self-conscious when you tell people that you’re an accountant? Go to a networking meeting, or chat to a group of business owners and people often refer to the “stereotypical” accountant. Why are accountants thought to be boring?...
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How to increase prices

You’re smart; you know that increasing prices will improve your margin. The real question is why do more firms not put up their fees as a way of making more money? If you’ve ever asked yourself how to increase prices, or should I increase my fees, stop thinking about...
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