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Growing your firm

Sales success is a state of mind - trout

Sales success is about your state of mind.

Owners of small professional firms often want to increase their income, normally they need to get more new clients (yep, they need to sell more). Sales success is nearly always about a state of mind, how can you change your state of mind? A group of divers jumped into a lake, some immediately jumped up […]

Feat or famine

3 ways to see if your firm is guilty of ‘me too’ marketing

As I wait to catch my train into London, 3 posters caught my eye. They were all encouraging me to bake cakes to raise money for charity. Now those that know me will know that I am very partial to a bit of cake and biscuit baking. However, I am losing track of the amount […]

Leading your team


Magical team meetings

Effective team meetings can make a massive difference to the productivity and profitability of a small firm. This article has two tips for making team meetings more effective in your firm. The genie A part qualified Accountant, a bookkeeper and the owner of a small accounting firm are going out for lunch (it was Christmas […]


What does “authentic” mean and why should you care?

“Being authentic” seems to be a great buzz phrase of the moment, applied to professionals, business owners, speakers, networkers, and leaders; but what does being authentic mean, should you bother and does it affect your firm’s performance?   What does being authentic mean? So I hear many professionals worry about the need to “be authentic”, […]

Your strategy

Dont put your dreams on hold sm

Why you’re not getting what you want from your firm.

One of the important steps that many professionals don’t take as they develop their business is to have a powerful vision of your success (no, not a series of numbers) and to “start with the end in mind”. A recent trip to Snowdonia reminded me of what’s important and why having a powerful vision can be […]

The budget - a business plan?

A budget is NOT a business plan!

Watching the Chancellor strut his stuff recently sparked several debates about the tax implications and impact of growing a small professional firm and potential impacts on small businesses. It also created an interested discussion about business planning and how many professional firms don’t have a useful business plan! The ability of some firms to be […]