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How to provide coaching for all your employees on a really tiny budget

When I first started in Learning & Development, coaching was the new kid on the block. Most coaches at that time were struggling to get businesses to see the value of coaching. I think most of us now recognise the value of coaching, but it’s not the cure-all-panacea that some people tell us. What coaching […]


10 things firms need to consider before starting a mentoring scheme – part 1

In research for ‘How to make partner and still have a life’, my co-author Jo and I, discovered one of the drivers of making partner successfully was to have a formal (or informal mentor) helping your career along. In smaller firms a mentor may simply help your team to improve productivity. This post is adapted from […]

10 things your receptionist needs to do so you get referrals.

Did you know that probably the most important person in your referral marketing team needs to be your receptionist? No, seriously. Your receptionist is the key to getting more word of mouth referrals. Let me explain a little further…. Good client service is passe These days we all expect our professional advisors to deliver great […]