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tug of war

Employee engagement – don’t make me laugh

Have you ever tried to get your team to do things, only to find them making a few willing noises before returning to business as usual? Perhaps they enjoyed you buying them lunch, liked being treated as a team for a couple of hours and then gave up? Here are 5 steps to improving employee […]

MIlk Churns

An exercise that might shock you, then help you

Client churn is something that accountants in most small firms don’t seem too worried about. The times when one of their clients has gone to another practice are few, well remembered and, in most cases, taken very personally.  Do you worry about clients going to your competitors? If you’re feeling fairly comfortable, this article might make you think […]

Cloud 0017

Being the best is stopping your firm’s growth

If you’re critical to your firm, you can’t grow it and that is your fault. It may be really rewarding to be the brightest and best in your firm, but growing your firm needs you to change your mindset. Leaders invest in their team, not themselves Stunningly bright blue flashes surrounded us, and then I noticed […]